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Supercharge Your SEO with Schema

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Here you will learn all about Schema, what it is and why it’s useful for Search Engine Optimization and then we delve into the details of how to use it. First, you will learn various ways you can use it in a Genesis Themed website and then in a Thesis 2 Themed website. The seminar concludes with a detailed explanation of how to add Review Schema to testimonials with the BYOB Testimonials Publishing System.

What is Schema?

Why is Schema useful and necessary?

The Elements of Schema Markup

  • Item Type
  • Item scope
  • item prop

Using Schema with Genesis

  • Default page schema
  • Default post schema

Fine Tune Schema with BYOB Genesis Schema Plugin

  • install the plugin
  • Plugin settings
  • page & post edit

Add Schema to a Recipe Blog Post in Genesis

Add Schema to a Video Post in Genesis

Using Schema with Thesis 2

  • Thesis built in schema
  • Built in types

Recipes in Thesis – Add Additional Item Properties with Custom Post Meta

  • Install the box

Adding Review Schema with BYOB Testimonials Publishing System

Install and Configure the BYOB Testimonials Plugin

Install the BYOB Testimonials Box and Customize the Testimonial Template

Customize the Testimonial Archive template

Display Featured Testimonials with a Query Box

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