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Supercharge your SEO with Schema – Part 6 – Add Schema to a Recipe Blog Post in Genesis

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We’ve just finished fine tuning schema for a typical small business website blog post using the Genesis 2 Theme and now I’d like to show you how to do this with something more specific, a recipe post. This is an example of how you can fine tune the schema for a specific type of post rather than just the generic type of blog post.

Just keep in mind that this ability to easily change of the schema is from using our BYOB Genesis Schema plugin.

Add Schema Markup

Let’s create a recipe blog post right now in Genesis. So, Add New and I’ve got recipe right here we’re going to use as an example, the Baked Roasted Chicken. I’ll take my recipe and add it in the editor. And here’s my recipe.

Let’s come down here under Markup Settings and I’ll choose recipe and then headline is just fine and then I could use recipeinstructions for this property. Hit publish and let’s view my post. Remember that the typical blog post schema would have marked this a blog post but this is now clearly identified as a recipe.

So we’ve got item type “recipe” and then we come down to our title and it’s the headline and we come down to our content and it’s recipeInstructions. So that’s what this plugin allows you to do.

Add Additional Schema

I’m going to show you how you can go further with this. So inside of your content here, let’s make this a list of the foods and come back over to our text view in the editor. You could say, itemprop=. Then come over to our recipe and its ingredients and you would spell it exactly like that, all lowercase. In this case this will be itemprop=”ingredients”.

Then we could do the same thing for this section. But before we make it an unordered list we better give ourselves a space, make it an unordered list as well and go back over to our text view…whoops, it mangled the itemprop.

Let’s do that again up here, see if we can make it save it this time. Maybe I needed to save it before I switch back and forth. So, itemprop=ingredients and then this is itemprop=recipeInstructions.

Let’s just update that and make sure this is getting saved by WordPress. Let’s inspect the element and itemprop=”ingredients”, itemprop=”recipeInstructions” is there. So we’ve added some structured markup to this. And that’s what you’re going to do with this plugin.

Next I’ll show you how to add Schema to a video post in the Genesis Theme using our plugin.

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