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Supercharge your SEO with Schema – Part 7 – Add Schema to a Video Post in Genesis

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You’ve now seen how to make changes to Schema for a standard small business Genesis website and how to add specialty Schema for a recipe post. Well, you can also do something similar to this for video posts.

Video Schema

Let’s edit this post. So we’re going to act like this is a video post. Obviously you’re not going to have those item properties in it but if it were a video post, you could choose video object and then under headline, you could put the name instead.

Transcript Schema

If it were transcript you could choose transcript. If this content was the transcript of the video you could put transcript in otherwise you could put associatedArticle in and that would be a more specific to a video type of post than just blog post and text. So this helps you make it much clearer to Google what’s going on.

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