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Supercharge your SEO with Schema – Part 10 – Adding Review Schema with BYOB Testimonials Publishing System

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I’ve published today the BYOB Testimonial Publishing System for Thesis 2.1. I’ve also tested it in 2.2, it works just fine in 2.2 as well. It consists of two parts – it consists of a plugin and a box and you need to download those individually.

How the Plugin/Box Combination Works

The plugin is for adding testimonials to WordPress and the box is for adding testimonial details to Thesis 2.1 templates. With this system you can completely customize the testimonial details you record and how your testimonials are displayed and you can also insure that the appropriate markup is added to them.

The plugin creates the testimonials and allows you to choose which testimonial types to use and which testimonial details to collect. The box then allows to to select how the testimonials are displayed in your templates.

Where to Find the Publishing System

So over here on the page for it you have a plugin download link and a box download link. You need to download both of those in order to install this.

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