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Supercharge your SEO with Schema – Part 13 – Customize the Testimonial Archive Template

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We have finished adding Schema to our Testimonial Template in Thesis 2 and now we need to work on our Testimonials Archive Page. So here’s our Testimonial Archive Page

Add Testimonial Post Box

I am going to do a couple of things to this template. But let’s start by adding the Testimonial Post Box. So I’m not using the Home Post Box but I am using the Testimonial Post Box and I am going to use Content, Edit, Author.

Add Testimonial Options to the Box

Then I’m going to come over here to my Testimonial box and open that up. In this case, I am going to do the Service Reviewed but I’m not going to use the Full Testimonial Content. So I’ll drag that into the tray. I’m going to use the Short Custom Testimonial and I’m going to use the Reviewer Name and the Reviewer Photo.

In this case, it’s going to be meta only. The item or service to be reviewed will just be meta. The Reviewer Name will come up here. The Reviewer Photo I’m going to put outside of everything and I’m going to take the Custom Excerpt outside of everything like that.

Then I’m going to use the full size image and I’m going to align that left. I’m going to link it to the testimonial and the Headline is going to link to that testimonial and it’s going to be an h2.

For the Custom Excerpt, you have a choice here of whether or not you’re going to use the description item property or the reviewBody item property. The description and the review description is usually meant for sort of a synopsis or an excerpt of the review so this time I’m going to choose description.

Add an Icon Quote Before the Testimonial Text

Something cool that I’ve added here is the ability to add an icon quote to precede the text. You have four choices, you have the Font Awesome version, Iconic, Elusive and Iconic Alt. You can take a look at what they look like but I’m going to choose the Font Awesome one and I’m going to say 36 pixels for that icon quote size.

Review the Testimonial Archive Page

Say okay to this, save the template and then look at our Testimonials Archive Page. and I think I’ve missed putting something and something else here.

So our Testimonial Post Box, I guess I will include Excerpt in this box. We’ve got a Photo, a Headline, Reviewer Name and in this case, the Reviewer Name can be a div. Now let’s go ahead and give it a span, that’s fine. So this is almost entirely working except for my little quote which is not showing up there. Ahh, what I have to do is I have to go save my CSS, I’m sorry.

Save the CSS for the Quote System To Work

So one thing you do have to do if you decide to use that quote system, you have to go save your CSS because it’s dependent upon the CSS working. That was Font Awesome quote. Obviously, this doesn’t look as good as I thought it was going to look.

Let’s go to Testimonials and just take the Reviewer Photo out of this one, drop it into tray. I want to go to Testimonials, drag it into the box, drop it into tray and let’s use the iconic one instead and make it 56 pixels.

Let’s take another look so you can see what we get now. Keep in mind that you have the ability to choose different ways in which the testimonial details display.

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