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Supercharge your SEO with Schema – Part 14 – Display Featured Testimonials with a Query Box

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We have this featured testimonial that we created in Thesis 2. Here it is. You can take take the same thing and use a query box to display featured testimonials and add the correct Schema.

Add Query Box

Let’s say we have a whole bunch of testimonials. You could come over to the Skin Editor and to say to your Front Page template. Let’s create a Query Box. Shift+drag that Query Box over here and it is going to use the Review schema. Say okay to that.

Select Testimonial Options to Display

But before this is going to work properly we have to come over to our Skin Content and go to our Query Box. Now we’re going to select Testimonials and Testimonial Status and we’ll choose Featured Testimonial. We only want to show one of them.

Save those options and then we can come back over to our Skin Editor now on our Front Page template and let’s call it Testimonial Query Box then we can change this. We’re going to create a new version of this now, BYOB Testimonial Box let’s see, Front Testimonial Box.

Drag that into here and then we’ll go ahead and keep the item or service being reviewed but we’re going to hide it. We’re not going to do the Full Content, we’ll show the Short Content and again it’s going to be description, we’ll show the Iconic Alt at 72. Say okay, save that template.

Review the Custom Testimonial

Let’s come back to our Home page and now we’ve got this custom testimonial. I think I made the short version of it too long so let’s make the short version shorter. As I said before, you have the ability to customize the way this looks and you can choose to display any part of it.

You could’ve displayed the company name and the company logo. Any of those aspects could be displayed in different contexts and that’s what I wanted to show here today.

Use Testimonials as Reviews With our Testimonials Publishing System

The takeaway of this Testimonials Publishing System is that it leverages Thesis’ template system and query box system to allow you to use testimonials as reviews and include all the right schema in order for them to be clearly identified and shown by Google as reviews.

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