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Supercharge your SEO with Schema – Part 12 – Install the BYOB Testimonials Box and Customize the Testimonial Template

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At this point, we’ve added the BYOB Testimonials Plugin and set the Testimonial details that we want to display on the Thesis 2 site. But we don’t have any of the new testimonials that we just added showing and this is the point at which we have to customize our template.

Use the BYOB Testimonials Box to Customize the Template

So that brings us to the box. We just downloaded the plugin and installed it, now we need to download and install the box.

Add the Box

I’m going to come over here to Thesis and Boxes, Manage Boxes. Choose upload the box and the box I’m uploading in this case is the BYOB Testimonial Box. Save it. With this box saved and activated, when you come over to your Skin Editor you have the BYOB Testimonial Box activated.

Let’s add that box. This is an instance where, again, we want to get rid of this page Post Box. I’m going to shift+drag that up and drop it into the tray. Then I’ll create a new post box and this would be the Testimonial Post Box.

The schema we’re going to use is review. Say okay to that and then shift+drag that into the Loop. I want to add that Headline Area and the Byline Area into it as well. So Headline goes up into Headline.

In this case, we don’t want to use the author so we’re going to take that and drop it into the tray. I don’t really like the Edit Link and in fact, I’m not going to use the Full Content either but I still want to use the Post Box even though all I’m doing is using the Headline.

Add Testimonial Options to the Template

Then I’m going to take the BYOB Testimonial Box, drop it into the Post Box and now we start assembling the things that we’re using. So I’m going to take Item or Service Reviewed and I’m going to drag it out and drop it into the Headline Area.

Actually, I suppose I could probably drop it into Byline and then you have a choice here for some of these. One of them is you can choose to have this by default it’s going to display. So that “Rick Anderson Architects” would display but if you don’t want it to display then you can check this box.

And instead of it displaying it’s just going to be added as markup so that’ll be a little meta tag in this that says the name or the item to be reviewed with the appropriate item property. So in this case, you don’t have to set the item property because the item property is automatically being set for you.

Now if it is being displayed you could always choose to add some text or HTML before or after this. For example, we could say Company Reviewed, say okay to that and then the Reviewer Name and we can drag that up and drop that into the Byline too. And the Reviewer Name here you say By: and I think in this case we’re going to use the span.

Then we’re coming down to the Company Address which will go up into that also and this would be a span and a space. After Reviewer Name I’m going to have a comma and a space and then I’m not going to use a custom Read More. I am using the Review Photo so I’m going to take that and I’m going to drag that up.

In this case we’ll use the full size. It’s not going to link to the testimonial. I’m going to left align it. Since I’m not using the whole gravatar system it’s not going to display the gravatar. I mean since I’ve uploaded an image and I’m not using the email so a gravatar is not going to display.

If you were using the email address you could check this and that would display the gravatar if they have one. You could specify the size of the gravatar and then you could specify its alignment and its linkage. That would work into place of the image but we’re not doing that right now so we’re just using the image.

So we have Reviewer Photo, Full Testimonial Content and we’re using the Full Testimonial Content rather than the content that comes with the Post Box because it will get the appropriate item property.

In this publishing system you don’t actually have to specify an item property, it automatically chooses the right one as long as you’re doing it this way.

Review Testimonial on the Site

Let’s save that template and go to our Testimonials. Now view this testimonial and you have the title, the company reviewed or the product or service reviewed, by, their location, the image and the review.

If you look at the structured markup we have Review, the name of the review, we have the “itemReviewed” which was Rick Anderson Architects, we have the author of the review Homer Simpson, company address doesn’t actually have an item property so it doesn’t really matter.

We’ll come down to this and the post content has the review body and then we’ve got the picture of the guy who gave us the testimonial. So we have all of this markup appropriate to the review showing up here on the page. And that’s the whole point of what this Testimonials box and Testimonial plugin do.

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