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Supercharge your SEO with Schema – Part 11 – Install and Configure the BYOB Testimonials Plugin

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We’re going to continue working on Schema with this Thesis 2 themed recipe website. We’ve added recipe schema and now we’re going to add review schema as we work on the testimonials on the site.

Add BYOB Testimonials Plugin

Let’s come over to Plugins and Add New. Then I’m going to upload a plugin and choose a file. I am looking for the BYOB Testimonials plugin so install that first. Once installed I’m going to activate that and once activated you get this BYOB Thesis 2 Plugins.

I currently only have one plugin for Thesis 2 here but I’m releasing another next week, BYOB Video Publishing System for Thesis 2.1, that does the same thing for videos that this does for testimonials.

Choose Testimonial Settings

Let’s take a look at the Testimonial Settings page. Here you’re given a set of choices.

Choose Types of Testimonials to Create

The first thing to do is to choose which testimonial types you want to create. You can see right now it has created a testimonials post type but you can also create testimonial types. Now, this is a custom taxonomy and I have three of them that are built in – Client Type, Service Type and Testimonial Status.

Client Type

You’d use Client Type if, say, you are an architect and you work with both commercial and residential clients or you’re an architect and you work with contractors, individual home owners and individual homeowners remodeling their homes.

You could choose Client Type for that and then specify the Client Type such as an individual homeowner or contractor and that kind of thing. That’s Client Type.

Service Type

Service Type might be a similar kind of thing. Say you’re an architect and you design services for builders, new home designs for individuals and remodeling designs for anybody, that could be a Service Type.

Testimonial Status

Testimonial Status is sort of a free form one. It’s designed so that you can identify featured testimonials. For example, if you want to show featured testimonials. Really, you can use Testimonial Status for anything. It’s just a free floating type of taxonomy.

Choose which Post Types Share the Taxonomies

Then once you’ve chosen them, now you’re going to have the opportunity to choose which post types are going to share those taxonomies.

For example, if you shared the Service Type taxonomy with pages and then you had a page that was about say remodelling design services then you could have a related testimonials box that would show all of the testimonials that have the same Client Type or Service Type.

In this case, I’m going to apply it to Testimonials. Even if you don’t check it it’s going to be applied to Testimonials. So testimonials and to Pages but not to Types Groups or User Groups, not to Recipes or Slides and not to Posts, just these two things here.

Choose which Testimonial Details to Display

Once you’ve done that, now you have a choice of deciding what kinds of testimonial details you want to record.

Name and Photo

You probably want the name of the person giving you the testimonial. If you are going to use automatic avatars say for their photo then you’re going to need their email.

If you’re going to use a photo that you have yourself you don’t need to use their email and there’s no way to display their email, the only purpose for using the email is to go grab their automatic avatar if they’ve got one.

Job Title, Company Name, URL

You might choose to use their job title and you might choose to use their photo. If they work for a company you might want to include the company name and you might want to include the website URL. When including the website URL you might not want to show it as a URL, you might want to just give it a label.

You might want to upload a company logo to go along with it or you might want to include the physical address. I’m going to use the physical address and then I think that’s it.

Star Rating Option

Under Testimonial Variations, you could include a star rating. This star rating is setup from 1 through 5 stars. So you can setup a star rating if you want to display that. If your customers gave you testimonials in the form of a letter, you could include a scanned image of the testimonial.

Multiple Versions of Same Testimonial

There are a couple of versions to the testimonial like a short version and a medium length version. In my experience if you’ve got a lot of testimonials, you often want multiple versions of testimonials.

The full testimonial sometimes is really short bit and sometimes that’s a long bit of the testimonial. I’m going to use the short version of the testimonial and then hit save. Now that I’ve done that, I come over here to my testimonials and refresh the page.

Add New Testimonials

Now when I come over to Testimonials you can see I’ve got Client Type, Service Type and Testimonials Status. I’m going to add a testimonial and this testimonial is going to be “We Loved Our New Home Design”. I’m going to go get some lorem ipsum text for this.

This client is going to be New Residential, Service Type will be Custom Home and you can see that Testimonial Status comes automatically with Featured Testimonial showing up here. And I’m going to check Featured for this one just for the purpose of demonstrating this.

Then if you come down below all this you’ll see there’s a new set of testimonial details. There’s Service or Company Reviewed. You’re going to want to enter something here and I’m saying Rick Anderson Architects as the company that’s being reviewed.

The testimonial provider is Homer Simpson. Actually, job title is not particularly useful so I’m not going to do that. I’m going to upload a picture and I’ve got a picture of Homer right here that I’ll use as the provider photo.

Then this guy is in West Seattle, that’s the only address I want to add. In terms of my short version of the testimonial, I’m going to put that in here. There’s the short version of the testimonial.

Now I can begin showing you how to use this testimonial publishing platform to extend schema.

Choosing Which Testimonial Details to Display

Celia asked, “If you don’t have the information, do you skip it or it would be better not to have those items checked in the plugin?” I wouldn’t check anything that you don’t intend to use. You wouldn’t check everything if you’re not going to use everything.

The whole purpose for having the ability to check or uncheck options is to reduce the clutter on your edit screen so I would only use those aspects of the testimonial that you find useful and otherwise I wouldn’t bother with it.

So we’ve filled out some testimonial details here. We’re going to go ahead and publish this and view the testimonial. That’s awkward. I think I need to refresh my permalink settings.

If that happens to you, when a page that you know exists shows you 404, just go refresh your permalink settings. All you have to do is visit the page, you don’t actually have to do anything else. There we go.

Question: Can I Install Schema On My Theme?

Ash asked, “Can I install schema on my own theme either Genesis nor Thesis?” Well, if you’re a programmer and you’ve written your own theme then of course you can do it but most themes do not have a mechanism for implementing schema. So the chances are no, but you could look at your theme’s documentation to see whether it has that ability or not.

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1 comment… add one
  • Heidi Hafner September 27, 2018, 7:32 pm

    How can I change the testimonial types? My client uses client type but she also wants book review testimonials. Also, client type for different services that she offers.

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