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Supercharge your SEO with Schema – Part 4 – Using Schema with Genesis

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Now that we’ve covered what schema is and elements of schema, we’ll talk about using it with the Genesis theme 2 and then we’ll move on to the Thesis theme 2.

Genesis 2 Default Itemtype for Posts

Genesis has a default type for posts and a default itemtype for pages. The default itemtype for posts is blog entry. Let’s inspect this element and you can see that under the article itemtype is BlogPosting.

If you’re just a blogger and you’re writing a blog that’s perfectly acceptable but this is an architect’s website and these aren’t really blog posts. These are really informative articles and so what you’d really like to have instead of item property blog post and instead of item scope blog posting, is to have item type article and item property article body. It will be much clearer what’s going on here when you use the right schema.

Genesis 2 Default Itemtype for Pages

A similar thing is happening with pages. With pages, Genesis applies the itemtype of creativeWork. Now, creativeWork is the most generic type…well, they could’ve chosen thing but it’s essentially the most generic type of content that could be chosen. So it’s better than nothing but it’s not particularly specific.

CreativeWork doesn’t drill down, it doesn’t make it clear to Google that this isn’t a poem or this isn’t a creative story or this isn’t a piece of fiction or this isn’t an interview or something like that.

If this were set aside as article, again it would be much clearer what’s really being talked about here but Genesis does provide the mechanism for making these things more specific and I use that mechanism and created a plugin, BYOB Genesis Schema, for your use.

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