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Supercharge your SEO with Schema – Part 8 – Using Schema with Thesis 2

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We’ve covered using Schema with the Genesis 2 theme so now we’re going to take a look at a similar kind of functionality in the Thesis 2 theme. This is Thesis here and we’ll activate it.

Default Schema in the Thesis 2

Now that we’re in the Thesis 2 theme, let’s take a look at the schema. You can see that schema is automatically configured to be article and Thesis differs from Genesis in that its default item property for the headline is name. It doesn’t use headline it uses name.

But it has a whole bunch of things like itemprop, author, date published, date modified, post date. Let’s go over to articles for a moment and you can see here it still shows up as article rather than as something else.

Customize Schema in Thesis 2

The way you customize that in Thesis is inside of the templates. For example, we’re looking at our single post template and we can come over here to the post box. This is the part where you set the schema.

Schema Choices in a Template

When you do that, you have choices of no schema, Article, creativeWork, Recipe and Review. Those are the only choices that come out of the box with Thesis – Article, creativeWork, Recipe and Review.

It’s automatically set to Article but you could set it to creativeWork. I’ll do that and then view the site. I just changed it on the single template. And since the same post box is being used in all cases in this skin, it is changed on all the templates.

So if you wanted the blog post to be creativeWork but the pages to be Article, you would need to add a new post box to the template that you wanted to be different. Thesis uses the post page post box everywhere and so any change you make to its schema you make everywhere.

That covers the basics of Schema. Next I’ll show you how to add specialty schema for a recipe post in Thesis 2 and then we’ll take an in depth look at how to add Review Schema in Thesis 2.

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