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Supercharge Your Video SEO with Schema

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This is our follow up seminar to Supercharge Your SEO with Schema for Genesis 2 and Thesis 2 sites but here we focus specifically on video schema in the Thesis 2 Theme. You will learn why Schema is important for video SEO and how to implement it on a Thesis 2 site using our BYOB Video Publishing System.

Why is Schema Important for Video SEO?

  • Schema Identifies Types of Content for Search Engine
    • Example: Article
    • Example: Review/Testimonial
  • Schema Included in Thesis 2.1
  • Specialty Schema Needed for Videos

Introduction to the BYOB Video Publishing System

  • Two Elements: a Box and a Plugin
  • Benefits Beyond Adding Schema
    • Allows You to Create Playlists
    • Provides Better Responsiveness
  • Demonstrate Use on Sites with Existing Videos and None Yet Added
    • How the System Works with Yoast SEO
  • How to Install the Box and Plugin

Configure the BYOB Video Publishing Plugin for Thesis

  • Choose the Post Types
  • Determine the Video Details to Display
    • Author and Publishing Company
    • Types of Texts that can be Associated with Videos
    • Keywords, Captions, Genre, Ratings
    • WordPress Post Content
    • Video File Details, Recommendations
    • Setting Up the Default Thumbnail Image

Add Video Details to A Post

  • Where to Find the Video Details in a Post
  • Add Video Information to the Details Area
    • Add Transcript
    • Add Video URL
    • Assign a Thumbnail Image to a Video Post
    • Format for the Video Length
    • Upload Date and Video Quality
    • Author’s Name
    • Video Description

Configure the Thesis Templates to Display the Video with Schema

  • Create a Custom Template
    • Add BYOB Video Box to the Content Area
    • Configuring the Individual Video Details
    • Configure Settings in the Video Details
    • Set Schema to Video in the Template
    • Use the New Template in the Video Post
  • Where to Check the Applied Schema Markup

How to Add the Video Publishing System to an Existing Video Blog

  • View Live Demonstration Video Blog
  • Configure Video Settings
    • Post Types
    • Video Authorship
    • Content Details
    • WordPress Post Content
    • Additional Details
    • Video File Details

How to Create a Custom Video Template in Thesis 2

  • Add a Custom Template for Non-Video Posts
    • Choose “Article” for the Post Box Schema
  • Configure the Single Template for Video Schema
    • Use Different Post Box for Each Schema Type
    • Create and Configure the New Post Box
      • Add Video Details/Schema to the Video Post Box

How to Configure Existing Posts to Use Video Schema

  • Get Video Embed Code
  • How to Add a Transcript to the Video Schema
  • Add Title and Styling to Video Transcript

Creating and Displaying Video Playlists

  • Create the Playlists
  • Configure Video Template to Display Playlists
    • Choose a Layout for the Playlist
    • Save CSS to Apply Changes
    • Use Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin
  • How the Playlist Works
  • Playlist Display Options
  • Add Playlist to a Sidebar
  • Include the Playlists on Other Pages
    • Playlist Styles
    • Add Playlist Shortcode to a Page
  • Add a Playlist to a Widget
  • Where to Find Help on Using the BYOB Video Plugin

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