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Supercharge your Video SEO with Schema – Part 4 – Add Video Details to a Post

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Now that we have our post types chosen and video display details setup in the BYOB Video Plugin settings, it’s time to work with a video in a post.

Where to Find the Video Details in a Post

Let’s come over here to my posts. I’m going to add a new post and at the moment we’ll call it Video Post. Scroll down a bit and here are the video post details to complete that I just configured in the plugin.

Add Video Information to the Details Area

There’s my video URL, a thumbnail image of the video, length of the video, upload date, video quality including format, author name, production company name and video description.

Add Transcript

Let’s go back to the text editor area and pretend this is a transcript. And I’m doing that because that’s what I said I was going to do, put the transcript of the video in my WordPress content.

Add Video URL

Next, let’s come over here to YouTube and we’ll just get one of these YouTube videos. I’m just going to grab the embed URL here and come down to the video URL and paste it.

Assign a Thumbnail Image to a Video Post

Now in this case, I need to upload a thumbnail image. So let’s upload another image and we’ll just use this one as the thumbnail image.

Format for the Video Length

Then the length of the video was 7:57 and you should enter it in this format, 00 for hours, colon (:) 00 for minutes, colon (:) and 00 for seconds. Although, it can be like this, 7:57. That’s how to enter the time because this way it gets translated correctly into the right format.

Upload Date and Video Quality

Then for an upload date we’re just going to pick the today as the upload date. For video quality we’ll call it HD for High Definition. Encoding format is MP4.

Author’s Name

In this case actually, I’m not going to use the default author name since I’m using someone else’s video. I’m going to use this fellow’s name and then no production company.

Video Description

Then you have the opportunity to add a short description of the video here in this area.

Next Step – Configure Thesis Templates to Display Video Details

Now that we have all those details filled out let’s publish this post and take a look at it. And you’ll see that nothing happened. The reason nothing happened is because we haven’t customized our template in order to have this information to show up. So next I’m going to show you how to configure Thesis templates to display the video with Schema.

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