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Supercharge your Video SEO with Schema – Part 2 – Introduction to the BYOB Publishing System

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The video publishing system for Thesis 2 consists of 2 elements. It consists of a box and it consists of a plugin. Both of those can be downloaded from this Video Publishing page which you can find by coming over to Member Benefits and Thesis 2.1 Boxes. It’s the second one down, the BYOB Video Publishing System for Thesis 2.1.

Two Elements: a Box and a Plugin

You need to download and install both the box and the plugin. The plugin adds settings to WordPress and the box adds elements to the Thesis template. So you’ve got these 2 different parts and they have to be installed together.

Benefits Beyond Adding Schema

The system does a couple of other things besides publishing videos with full Schema markup a snap.

Allows You to Create Playlists

One of the things it does is it provides you with the ability to have playlists. So once you’ve published the video you can assemble those videos together in a playlist.

Provides Better Responsiveness

The second thing that it does is provide you with very smooth responsiveness. If you embed videos right now, you know that some skins do make the video responsive but it’s kind of a clanky responsiveness.

For example, prior to this being published, in the Agility Skin or the Carta Skin when the window resizes you can get black bars above and below a video and that kind of thing. Well, this completely takes that away so you have a very nice smooth resizing of the video.

Demonstrate Use on Sites with Existing Videos and None Yet Added

We’re going to demonstrate the use of this in a couple of different contexts. One of them on a site that doesn’t have any videos and one of them on a site that’s already built that does have videos.

How the System Works with Yoast SEO

One of the reasons we’re doing it this way is because the site that is built that does have videos is also using the Yoast SEO video plugin. This box and plugin combination will share information with Yoast SEO so that it automatically gets the same information that Yoast does and keeps it.

If you want to customize something using the box or the plugin then Yoast will use that information instead. Essentially it allows you to create this information only one time or set the settings only once and from that point on everything is integrated and uses the same information instead of having multiple instances of setting a video thumbnail and setting the video duration and having the potential mismatch between those.

If you’re using Yoast SEO video plugin then the two of them, both my plugin and Yoast will work together and share the information.

How to Install the Box and Plugin

Let’s go ahead and download the plugin, you see it’s downloading now, and then download the box. I’ve got both the box and the plugin downloaded so now I’m going to come over to this demonstration site here, agilityupgrade.

We’re going to come over first and add the plugin. So we’ll add new and upload it. Choose the file and it’s, that’s the plugin, and activate it.

While we’re here we’ll just come over to the Thesis boxes, Manage Boxes and we’ll upload the box, byob-video-box. Then activate it and now both of them are installed.

Once we’ve done that we have this BYOB Thesis 2 Plugins menu that pops up. If you already have the testimonials plugin installed then you’ll already have this menu here. And then we’ll just add the videos to it. If you don’t have the testimonials plugin installed then the videos plugin will be the only thing in there. Go ahead and click on that and we’re ready to move on.

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