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Supercharge your Video SEO with Schema – Part 7 – How to Create a Custom Video Template in Thesis 2

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We are going to add a custom template to this existing video blog just like we did with the site that had no existing videos. But here since most of his blog posts are actually video posts we’re going to create a custom template that he’ll use for posts that are not video posts.

Add a Custom Template for Non-Video Posts

We’re going to go directly to the Skin Editor and create a custom template. Come over here and say Add New and Single Post – No Video. Then we’ll copy the single template into it.

Choose “Article” for the Post Box Schema

One of the things we’re going to want to change is the post box for this. Actually, we’ll create a new post box in the regular posts that contain the videos. So we just want to make sure that for the Single Post Box here the schema is Article. Do that and save it.

Configure the Single Template for Video Schema

Now we’ll come over to our Single and this one we’re going to turn into the typical post which includes a video.

Use Different Post Box for Each Schema Type

Let’s look at our Single Post Box. It’s got Article. If we change this to video then it’ll have changed the other one to video too. So what we want is actually to have a different post box for each of the different schemas we may be using.

Create and Configure the New Post Box

So we’re going to take the Single Post Box out of this template and we’re going to create a new post box. And that post box is going to Video Post Box and we’re going to use the video schema on it. Say okay to that and we’re going to drag it into the WP Loop.

We’re going to take the Post Heading out and drop it into Single Post Box. We’ll take the Large Image and we’re just going to get rid of it entirely. We’ll take the Shareaholics button location scripts and put that below the heading.

I’m just going to take take the Social Media Wrapper out since he isn’t using it and I don’t think he’s using it on the bottom either so I’m going to take it out there. This isn’t something that would necessarily apply to another site. I just happen to know that on his site he’s not using that so there’s no reason for it to be there.

We’re going to leave the Content here. We’ll take this Location Script out and put into Video Post Box and drop it down below. We’re going to take Content and drop it into the tray, Edit Link and drop it into the tray, Author and drop it into the tray.

For this Post Heading, we’re going to take Headline and drop into the Single Post Box and Author and drop it into the Single Post Box and Categories and drop that into the Single Post Box.

Then we’re just going to take the Single Post Box and take it out of the template entirely. So now we’ve got a new post box, it’s the Video Post Box. We’ll also take our Headline and shift+drag it up in there.

Add Video Details/Schema to the Video Post Box

Then we’re going to take our Video Post and so we’re going to look for the BYOB Video box. We’ll call this one our Single Video Box and drag it down into the Video Post Box, bring it down in between both of those.

We’re going to take our Author Name and put it into the Heading. We are going to take our Production Company Name and put it in the Heading. We’ll pull the Video Description up, we’re going to pull the Genre down with Video Encoding. We’ll take the Video Upload Date and put it back in Post Heading.

We’re going to take Video Duration and put that up in Post Heading. We’ll take Video Thumbnail and put that up in Post Heading. We’ll take Video Source and put that above Transcript and then we’re going to take Video Transcript out of the Single Post Box and drop it down below that.

Actually, I guess we do want the Content because we’re going to use the Content for the credits. So we’ve got Content for the credits. We’ve got a full transcript so in our Post Heading we’re going to show the Headline and then Author Name, Upload Date.

We’re going to actually display our Author Name. We don’t need a class here but we will say By: Author Name, Video Upload Date and we’re going to leave that alone. Let’s save this template really quickly and look at how I have my typical template setup for this because we want to set this up the same way.

Here’s the Single Post – No Video. If we look at that Post Heading, we’ve got our Headline, okay that’s fine. We’ve got our Author, that’s fine, we’ve got our Categories and we’ll go ahead and use that actually, span and – Posted in. I think we’re okay there.

So we’ll go back to our Single and I’m going to take the Category and move it back in there too. I was overzealous in removing some of the existing areas. We’ll come back over here and go to the Categories and shift+drag that into Post Heading and we’ll put that down below Author Name.

For Intro Text – Posted in: actually, I think we’ll do that as a span. So space – Posted in: and then the character separator is going to be comma space. Our Video Upload Date, we’ll go ahead and do that as a span.

Video Thumbnail is not showing. Video Duration, we’ll do that as a p. Again, I’m going to put in running time and I think we’re good there with everything that we want. Now I’m just going to save it. Then we’re going to come look at one of his posts.

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