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Supercharge your Video SEO with Schema – Part 8 – How to Use Existing Posts to Use Video Schema

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Now that we’ve created and configured a custom template for the Thesis 2 site with existing videos, we need to configure the existing posts to use the video schema.

Get Video Embed Code

We’ll just start with this post here, Bond Basics. Right now, we’ve kind of messed this up a bit so we’re going to come in and edit this post. And I’m going to view the post because I want to go see this in Youtube to get the right embed code. This is what I want right here, this is the right embed code.

Note that because he’s using Yoast SEO with the video area installed he’s already got a bunch of this Schema and video details taken care of as part of Yoast SEO. So the only thing we really need to do is at the moment is get that video URL right. So we’ll add that under Video Details.

How to Add a Transcript to the Video Schema

Now we can go up to the content area and we’re going to take the transcript out. He’s got this little title there that says “transcript”, we’re going to take it out down to the credits.

Now we’ll go back to the Video Details area and we don’t need to do the Thumbnail Image of the Video or Link to the Video or any of those other things because it’s going to start off automatically here. But I want to put the video transcript here in the Video Transcript area. So paste that.

He’s also got a little description in the content area so we’re going to cut that out and put it in the Video Description area.

Review the Post and Make Corrections

Then we’re going back to the content area and delete all the rest of this extraneous text. Hit update and let’s view his post.

I thought I’d set this thumbnail. No, I didn’t. Do not display the thumbnail that’s what I want. There’s no reason to display the thumbnail on the actual page here. And I can see there are a couple of things I forgot to set as meta only.

So let’s go back to the template and Author Name will be a span, Categories was a span, Video Upload Date was a span. Now all of that should just stack nicely beside itself. Video Duration was a paragraph tag. Let’s save that template again and then let’s edit the post one more time. And Hit update one more time.

Sometimes, this process does not get the length of the video and the thumbnail URL and that sort of thing the first time you hit update. So sometimes you have to hit update more than once in order for this to properly populate.

We’re going to put down today’s date for the upload date, he can change it if that’s not right. But Video Quality is HD, Encoding Format is MP4. We’re going to use the default Author Name, Production Company Name and Educational Use and Genre. So we’re not going to worry about changing any of that.

Let’s refresh this page and check again. And that’s still not showing up, I want to get this stuff right. Let’s open up the Video Box and make sure the Genre is not displayed, Encoding is not displayed, Video Quality is not displayed.

That gets our Single template laid out properly. Let’s inspect the element and see what’s here. We have the video object, we have our itemprop=”name”, itemprop=”author”, itemprop=”keywords”, “video-upload-date”, the meta for the thumbnail and the “video-duration” is there.

Note we didn’t have to enter the Video Duration because we got it directly from the same set that Yoast had. Let’s see, “videoQuality”, “encodingFormat” then we have our “transcript” for this section here and another section of “post_content” which is really just his footnotes.

Add Title and Styling to Video Transcript

You might also want to put a title for that testimonial and you can. Let’s come back over here to the Full Transcript and the Full Transcript gives you the ability to add a title here. So we could just say Video Transcript and choose a tag for it. We’re going choose an H2 tag.

You can specify a class if you want otherwise, it’s going to get the headline class so it will look very similar. We’re just going to say okay to that and save the template. Now it’s going to have Video Transcript there setup for you all nice and laid out.

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