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Backup, Restore, Clone and Migrate with Backup Buddy – Part 9 – How to Migrate a Clone from One Host to Another

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What we’re going to do next is take this site that was developed by my dear friend, Kim Carney, for the fine artist, Elana Winsburg. She developed it on a subdomain of one of my sites. This will be our example of migrating a clone to another host.

It was and this website is being hosted at InMotion Hosting at the moment. It’s a very image-intensive site with examples of her arts or portfolio really of her fine art.

What we’re going to do is go into the dashboard of this, go to backup, complete backup. It has lots of images so it’s a little bit bigger. In this case, I’m going to download the backup to my computer.

Go to New Host and Create New Database

While I’m waiting for that download to happen, I’m going to come over here to GoDaddy and log into Elana’s account. Because GoDaddy takes a little bit of time to do some of the set up, the first thing we’re going to do is come over here to her hosting account and we’re going to create the database.

Let’s take a look at the File Manager first. It almost looks as if a database is already created, I mean, as if a site is already there. Let’s go look… Okay, so she’s already got WordPress installed which means we’ve got to get rid of that WordPress installation. But we might as well just use the database information that she’s already got there. GoDaddy isn’t always the fastest here.

Actually, I don’t have any reason to believe there’s anything on this site that should be kept. So I’m going to delete everything. Well actually, before I delete everything, I want to get that information out of wp config. So we’re going to edit wp config and we’re just going to come in here and copy this because it’s going to be important for us to know. Can I check on all? I can. Okay so uncheck cgi bin and delete, say okay.

You know, I don’t really like GoDaddy but the one good thing about GoDaddy is they have this spectacular ability to undo screw ups. So I’m not quite as worried about that here as I would be on Bluehost where once you delete something, it’s deleted.

Import Buddy

Now we’re going to upload a file and browse to our Elana Winsburg backup. Hit upload. While it’s doing that, we’re going to go make our Import Buddy. So come back over to migrate and restore from the site that we’re copying, right? And we’re to just use the same passwords we created. We’re going to download that. Now it’s Import Buddy 18.

Clean Out the Database

And while we are doing this here, we’re going to come over to databases and we’re going to clean out that database. Open it up in php myadmin and we’ll just delete all the contents out of it. I wonder if I could use the specific username and password actually. Let’s have this be the username if the database username and password will work here. Oh, it did work. Happy day.

Upload Import Buddy

Now we’re going to do open up the database. We’re going to check all that stuff. We’re going to drop it all. Say yes, and we’re going to upload Import Buddy php and rename it so it’s just importbuddy.php and we’re going to ask Import Buddy to delete the stuff out of that database.

So we come back over here to this, Okay, so that’s for authentication. We’re going to use that one. As soon as I put stuff in this password here, it’s going to detect that database already exists.

Ralph asks, “Why aren’t you backing up cgi bin?” Every host does this cgi bin thing differently but they always put their own cgi bin in a directory so I don’t want to mess that up. I leave that stuff where it is.

Import Database

The database host name is this one right here. It’s no longer local host. The database name is that there. It’s also the user, looks like. And the database password is that. So we test settings and we’ll go to the next step. Okay, database is imported. Looking good, there we go. Yeah, it’s definitely taking us to Let’s see if we can log in to admin. Yeah, we can definitely log in as admin.

Update WordPress and Themes

Let’s go ahead and update WordPress 3.4.2 now because if it fails, we’ve already got our backup. I can just restore. I think we need to update a couple of themes. Okay, I don’t think we have anything else that needs to be updated so we’re going to now come over here to backup and we’re going to do a complete backup of this.

Perform Complete Backup

It’s saying that some backup files are still on the site so let’s go back over to File Manager here and refresh this. Where is that refresh list? There it is. And we’ll get rid of that backup. Is importbuddy.php still here? No, that one got deleted so we’ll go ahead and delete this backup. There we go, we’ll just do a complete backup. We’ll give it a little note and we’ll be done. Yeah, this is fine.

We go over to backups and we’re going to say note – first full backup upon installation on live site. Say okay and we’ve, I believe, completely transferred the entire site. Let’s go look at the plugins again for a second. She didn’t use any images, background images in this but I’m pretty sure that all of our images are taking us to the right place. Yeah,, not So all that has been changed.

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