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Backup, Restore, Clone and Migrate with BackupBuddy – Part 7 – Restore the Site Using importbuddy.php

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Now we’re ready to actually restore the site. So to restore the site, what we do is come over here to and type in importbuddy.php and hit enter.

Using Import Buddy

Your domain name plus importbuddy.php. The first thing that it wants to know is what is the password. Once you’ve entered the password, it gives you a choice of where you want to get your backup from.

Choose Your Backup

So now this backup, this is the one we have sitting in our site. But you could choose to upload the backup from your computer so you could choose the file here and upload a backup file from your computer. Or you could get it from Stash.

That’s one of the nice things about Stash is that you can log in to Stash and if you’ve got a backup there, it’ll let you edit. But we don’t have a backup there. So this the only one we have and so we’ve selected it. Note the warning, the existing htaccess file is found. That’s fine. Just note the warning and select next step.

Importance of Having Your Import Buddy Password

Ralph asks, “What if you can’t remember the password for Import Buddy? Can you still run it?” The answer is no which is why I said when choosing that Import Buddy password, make sure that it is an easy password that you’re going to remember in a panic or put it someplace where you’re going to remember. Because Import Buddy will not run if you do not have the right password.

Make sure you remember it or have it in a safe place. The thing is that the password’s only critical for the next few minutes. That is, as long as Import Buddy is in your website, somebody could log in and run it. Or not even log in but somebody could run it which is why there’s a password. But as soon as we’re finished with this, Import Buddy’s going to be gone.

So it doesn’t have to be a real strong password or real difficult password. It should just be something you are going to remember without any question. It should be the password that you used a thousand times.

Choose URL

On to the next step. It asks what the URL settings are and of course, we’re recovering an existing site. So it’s this one right here, this is the URL of the site that we’re going to use. And now it remembers all kinds of stuff. It remembers the server name, the local host, byobtuto main and so on.

I wanted you to make sure you knew which database it was and to copy that database information just in case there was a problem here. But the nice thing is that it does actually remember this information. So the information that we pasted here is a fail safe for us.

Database Settings

Anyway, we’ll click test database settings. It says it was a success so we click to the next step. And now the database is imported so we just click the next step. Okay, step 5, the database has been migrated. And now is where I say it’s step 5.5 because now you need to go check the functionality of the site before you hit clean up and restore.

Check the Site Before Restoring

So we come over here to the site and what do you know, it’s looking fine. We can log in to the dashboard, it’s looking fine. All our posts are there. All our pages are there so we didn’t lose anything.

Site Restored

Notice how we did an hour and a half of preparation and 2 minutes of repair, right? It’s all in the preparation. The actual fix is very simple, deceptively simple. And once you verify that everything is working, you just click clean up and remove the temporary files. And now it will delete importbuddy.php and any other files that it created while it was doing the import. It tells you it’s all ready to go and it’s done. You are now back to your pre-crisis site with everything finished.

2 Comments… add one
2 comments… add one
  • Sheyna Galyan February 16, 2014, 5:35 pm

    This was invaluable! I migrated a new site from my development domain to the intended domain, having upgraded from Thesis 1.8 to 2.1, installed WooCommerce to replace WP eStore, and completely reworked the entire structure of the site. Weeks of work, watching many, many of your videos, and the results are simply BEAUTIFUL! Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Rick Anderson February 21, 2014, 6:15 am

      Sheyna I’m delighted it worked for you.

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