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Create a Full Width Footer Using BYOB Thesis Plugins

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Part 1 – Installing the Plugins – Configuring the Footer Widgets Plugin

This is Part 1 of 4 in a series on Creating a Full Width Footer Using BYOB Thesis Plugins. In this session we show how to install the BYOB Thesis Full Width Backgrounds and BYOB Thesis Footer Widgets plugins as well as configure the BYOB Thesis Footer Widgets Plugin.

Video Transcript

What we’re going to talk about is how to use 3 of my plugins together – the BYOB Thesis Full Width Background Plugin, the Footer Widgets Plugin, and the WP Nav Menus Plugin. And we’re going to work on using all 3 of those together here to create a full width footer here.

And so we’ll go on over here to the dashboard of the site and we’re going to install some plugins before we get too far down the road on this. So we’ll go plugins and install or Add New, upload and the first one we’re going to upload is the… oh yeah, let’s upload the WP Menus Plugin. This will allow us to add additional menu. And you know actually, I don’t think I need that. Now that I say that, we’re going to use a widget to add the menu so actually, we’ll try it without this in effect. So let’s go ahead and pick a different menu, a different plugin. We will install the Footer Widgets Plugin which is now in version 1.2. If you’re using version 1.1 or earlier, run over there to the Facebook site and pick up the latest version. Hopefully this weekend, I will be finished creating the BYOB Website Plugin repository which will then… I’ll have it set up so it will automatically check for updates and will tell you whether or not you have an update in a plugin and allow you to update the plugin from the dashboard, exactly the same way a typical plugin does. I should have that set up by the time… hopefully by the end of the weekend.

So anyway, we’ve got our Footer Widgets Plugin and we have our Full Width Backgrounds Plugin and I think that gives us enough to go on. So we’re going to go ahead and start off with footer widgets here and the first thing it asks is how many rows of footer widgets do we want? And I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to do 3 rows of footer widgets and we’re going to say we have a developer’s license and hit save. And so, with our 3 rows of footer widgets, our first row, I want 4 columns and our 2nd row, I want one column. That’s where our footer menu is going to go. And then our 3rd row, I want 2 columns and I’m going to put contact information down there. So we’ll go ahead and hit save and we should now have a whole bunch of different widget areas.

Now, I’m going to show you a problem though. This… we’re going to lose the fidelity of this heading because of what I’ve just done. What has happened is I’ve added some additional widget areas and unfortunately, WordPress is going to shuffle around widget settings and we’re going to have to go into the Widget Settings and change that. So I want you to see what this looks like so it doesn’t cause you any difficulty. You can see my little logo is down here and the left header widget area is now blank and that’s just a feature of when WordPress calls certain plugins. And what it has done is shifted the contents of what used to be in the left header widgets used to be up here under footer row 1 widget column 1. And now, it’s down below all the footer row widgets. And so, the contents of the left header widget has now been shifted to… what was it? I guess it’s widget 1 column… yeah, footer row 1 widget column 1. All we have to do is drag it down here. And once we’ve done that, we can refresh this in our logo that we put in yesterday, it goes back over to here. And now, we have our 3 rows of widgets that we’re going to work on.

So the next thing we’re going to do is get rid of the WordPress Admin and the Thesis Attribution and we have to do that from 2 places. The first place we’ll do that from is Thesis Design Options. So we’ll go to Thesis Design Options and then down to Administration and we are going to unclick Show admin link and footer and unclick Show edit posts link and hit save. And then the only other thing we have to do is to come down to our Footer Widgets plugin and then the Thesis license, since I have a developer’s license, I’m going to say remove the Thesis Attribution. Hit save and now both of those things should be missing from our footer area. Okay, they are.

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