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How to Add Thesis SEO and Multimedia Box Features to Shopp

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Part 1 – How Thesis Works

In this session we discuss how Thesis behaves when it writes SEO features. Thesis looks for its post meta and if it finds something, it uses the information to write custom meta tags but if it doesn’t find anything, it takes the page title and makes it the title and takes the first 170 characters of the content and makes that the description. Thesis never lets you have an empty meta title or meta description unless it doesn’t have any content to work with.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay so the next thing we’re going to do here is go on to talk about a couple of things related to Shopp, in particular, how to add a Thesis SEO features to Shopp. You know, we’ve got a whole bunch of videos on how to use Shopp but Thesis has these powerful SEO functions. But if you want to use them in Shopp you have to do a couple of things.

So I think it helps to understand how Thesis behaves when it writes these SEO features. And by that, I’m talking about the custom title and custom meta descriptions for your… that reside in the head tag of your page. What Thesis does is it looks for its post meta. That’s what this stuff is called. So if we go to a page and look at that Thesis SEO stuff, that’s called Thesis post meta or its post meta… custom post meta that Thesis creates. So SEO details and additional style, post image and thumbnail, javascript and multimedia box options. Those are all Thesis post meta.

And so Thesis looks for this stuff first and then if it finds something in the custom title tag and custom meta description, it uses that information inside… when it writes the custom meta tags. And if doesn’t find this information then what it does it is takes the page title and makes that the title. And then it takes the first… I don’t know, 170 characters of the content and makes that the description. So Thesis never lets you have an empty meta title or meta description unless you don’t have any content.

So like right here… well, you can see what happens actually. If we go back and take a look a page here, obviously there’s no Thesis meta. So it’s getting its title, Theis and Shopp for ecommerce. It’s getting its title here from the Thesis homepage options. and then it’s getting the meta description… let’s just take a look at the meta description. View the page source, getting its meta description… actually, it’s getting its meta description, in this case, as the tag line. So if we change the tag line, it would change this description. That’s because that’s the homepage.

If we went to the sample page, it would be a little bit different, actually. Homepage is not a good example of this, really. So if we go to the sample page and look at it, now it’s just taking the title. And then if we view the page source, its description is “This is an example page.” It’s different than a blog post because it’ll stay on one place in Shopp intersite navigation and themes. That’s the first some characters of the content. So that’s how Thesis works. It does one of those two things.

Okay so if we go to a product then and say we go to our dress shoes, the title is going to be dress shoe because that’s the title of the product. And then the meta description is going to be a bunch a characters out of this so it’s going to be Shopp shoes dress shoe dress shoe holy cow what a dress shoe prices select an option… you know, until it gest down to where it’s ended its content. View page source so there’s its title, dress shoe and its description, shoes, dress shoe, holy cow, what a great dress show $9… right? Not a great meta title.

So what wwe want to do here is we want to… well actually, if we look at our product, there’s no place currently for us to change that. If we scroll down here, there’s no Thesis SEO options here. So there’s no way for you to edit this so Thesis just does what it does.

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