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How to Add Thesis SEO and Multimedia Box Features to Shopp Part 4 – Add Custom Descriptions to Product Categories

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In this session we show how to add custom descriptions to product categories using a category template. If it’s critical to have category SEO meta titles, the way to accomplish it is to include a description placed in the category template.

Video Transcript

Rick: Now this is a problem I have not figured out how to solve because for some reason or another, Thesis doesn’t recognize that meta description that we created here. And so it does and grabs the content instead. However, I do have a strategy for addressing that because what it does is it picks the content, right? So if it’s picking the content, what you can do is add a description to the category.

So if we come back over here to our shoes and say, “This is a description that we will use as our meta description tag.” Okay, hit update, view that shoe page. That doesn’t show up here, does it? It’s because our template doesn’t include it. If we view the page source, it also doesn’t show up. So what we have to do is go to our category template and add the Shopp description to the category page so let’s do that.

Come back over here and open up our category page. So under Shopp or under thesis_184…I’m in the wrong page, aren’t I? That’s byob website. Under Shopp and then if we open up our category template, right here we have our category name. And if we want to add a description, what we could do is come over to this. I’m going to paste this there although it’s not going to bbbe an h3. It’s going to be a paragraph tag and a paragraph tag. And it’s not going to be Shopp category name. It’s going to be Shopp category description and then we’ll upload that new template to the site and refresh it.

Now we’re going to see our category description. This is a description we’ll use as our meta description tag so we can see that showing up here. And if we go and view the page source, that’s going tob e our description now. Description Shopp choose shoes views. So it gets that first stuff anyway. This is the description that we’ll use as our meta desription tag and then it’s got more content as it keeps on going. So if you have a longer content, it would work fine.

And you could… if you want to make sure that it gets added first, we could just come up here before breadcrumbs and add it there instead… or actually, let’s just add it immediately after breadcrumbs. So now this is the description that we will use as our meta description tag, right? So you could have a longer description and it would, of course, pick up more of it. Let’s view the page source. Our meta description is “This is the description that we use as our meta description tag.” Then it’s got the rest of the miscellaneous junk in there.

So if it’s critical to you that you have category SEO meta titles then the way to accomplish that well is to include a description and then to put that description in your catalog or category template.

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