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How to Add Thesis SEO and Multimedia Box Features to Shopp Part 3 – Add Custom Titles to Product Categories

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In this session we show how to add custom titles to product categories and discuss the difference between the standard WordPress category function and the one that Shopp creates. Shopp has its own custom format for displaying so if we want to add a custom title, we use the regular WordPress category screen.

Video Transcript

Rick: Now if we look at a collection, say a collection of our shoes and we take a look at this… let’s view the page source… the title is shoes and the description still is this you know, bunch of content that starts off, right? So we need to add the right stuff for the category as well.

Now if we start over here and look at catalog and categories, Shopp has its own custom format for displaying this stuff. So… and I haven’t figured out a way for us to attach ourselves to it. So you can see that that custom meta that you’re familiar with in categories doesn’t exist here and you can’t see it here. And this isn’t the default WordPress display of the product category. This is a customized display that Shopp has created that’s different than the regular WordPress one.

If you want to add a custom title, you have to get to the regular WordPress category screen and you get to there from the front side of your site, up here under edit category. You can see how different this looks now, right? This is a standard WordPress category function and this is the WordPress… I mean, this is the Shopp one. So here, we can add a title tag and so this is a title tag for all of our shoes categories… no, for our shoe category. We can add a meta description. “This is a meta description of our shoe category.” Okay and if we hit update here, here we are looking at shoes and… or if we look at shoes in the WordPress format, it still shows up with all that information, right?

Okay now interestingly enough, now if we look at this, you can see the title is, “This is a title tag.” Let’s view the page source. The title, “This is a title tag for our shoe category.” The description is not what we wrote.

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