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How to Setup California Local Sales Tax in Shopp Part 7 – Q&A

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We answer a question about  how long it will take to estimate the taxes with this function. We discuss some options and different possible iterations for this function.

Video Transcript

Rick:  We’re going to go ahead and save that. Craig, I’m going to actually unmute your microphone here for a second. So does that make sense?

Craig:  Absolutely.

Rick:  Okay. You asked a question…

Craig:  The only question I had was for speed’s sake in terms of accessing the site and how long it’ll take to check or estimate those taxes, is it better to have that entire table pasted into the custom functions? I mean, I guess essentially, you’ve created the shopp_custom_functions file so it is separate.

Rick:  Right.

Craig:  That’s the best way to do it as opposed to just keeping this table separate from the function completely?

Rick:  Well, you could… see, the thing is that it hits this return. If it hits this return, it’s not going to process this. So that’s what’s happening, right? If we check… if it’s not California. You could say if it’s not California and then send off to an entirely separate function which would have something you know, a similar kind of effect. Or you could only include the file if the state was California. So you could actually do that in your custom functions file if you wanted to. Only include this file if the state is California and otherwise, don’t sweat it. But there’s a couple of iterations to finish this.

Craig:  Yeah, let’s do it.

Rick:  One of those iterations is to cache this. If this information is in the cache then use the cache. If it’s not in the cache then create the cache and save it in the cache. So that’s one of the iterations.

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