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J Shortcodes Plugin

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Part 1 Introduction and Installation

This is Part 1 of the J Shortcodes Plugin series. This plugin allows you to create buttons, colored boxes, columns and tabbed widgets out of shortcodes. In this session, we discuss what a J Shortcode is, what it allows you to do and how to install it.

Video Transcript

I think today then what I’m going to do finally is I’m going to talk about a new plugin called J Shortcodes. J Shortcodes is a plugin that we’ll download from the plugin repository and it is a plugin that allows you to create buttons and colored boxes and columns and even, I think, tabbed widgets and stuff like that out of shortcodes. And so, we’re going to play around with this because this is a very easy way for you to get, as a beginner, some very attractive custom styling without really knowing how to do the code. All you really have to do is use shortcodes in order to accomplish this stuff.

And so, in the Community Library Website, I’m going to come back over to actually, let’s see… yeah, we’ll go to the dashboard and we’ll go to pages and we’ll get rid of posts and we’ll get rid of those extra videos first. I really want the one video showing up there, update… actually, I think I’m going to change the width to this. I’m going to take it to 560 and 420 to match its actual size.

And then what we’ll do is we’ll install this plugin. So we’ll come down to Add New Plugins, I’m just going to look for J Shortcodes and we’ll go ahead and install it. Activate the plugin and let’s see, let’s take a look at settings.

So in its Settings section, it has different pieces of information for you to you know, help you decide… well, determine whether or not these things are enabled and you know, make some changes. For example, you could eliminate the auto p tag with this and you could change directory paths and things like that. But we’re not going to bother with any of those and we’re just going to look down here quickly to see whether or not there is a J Shortcodes. It takes to the same place, this setting. And if we want tutorials and that kind of stuff, we can just go ahead and click on this and it should take us, I think, over to this page here.

Okay, so we’ve got it installed. Now, let’s do something with it.

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