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Promotions in Shopp

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Part 1 – Introduction

In this session we show how to create promotions in Shopp. Promotions allow you to provide a discount price, a certain amount of money off, and coupon codes for your products. Essentially, they are a method of giving a special price to someone when they make a purchase. We discuss the different types of promotions and conditions in which promotions are applied. We also discuss the four types of discounts which are percentage off promotion, specified amount off, free shipping and the buy X get Y free.

Video Transcript

Okay so this is something that I haven’t really talked about or I talked about it very briefly once upon a time during the class but – How to do promotions in Shopp and so we’re going to talk about that now.

Well, a promotion is essentially a way for you to either provide a discount price or a you know, an amount of money off or a coupon code or something. Some method of essentially giving a special price to someone  when they go to make a purchase. And you can see the promotions menu from the Shopp dashboard.

So over here under Shopp and Catalog and scroll down here to Promotions. Well I don’t have any promotions currently set up but this is where you would set up the promotion. You start off by simply clicking new promotion.

Now, a promotion includes 2 different kinds of information or there’s two different pieces to the promotion. The first is there’s the type of promotion and then secondly, there is the conditions in which the promotion is applied. And because very complicated combinations of promotions can be put together, it bears a little bit of explanation.

And the first thing that we should talk about is the kind of promotion or the discount, the type of promotion that’s available. And there are really 4 types of promotions. There is the percentage off promotion where, say, you can get 30% off of this product or 30% of your total sale or whatever. So there’s some percentage off of the sale.

There is a specified amount off where you can say you know, $10 off your first order over $100 or something like that where you have a specific amount that you specify off.

There is free shipping where you can say, under a certain set of conditions, you can have free shipping or this product may be shipped free or something but there’s the free shipping. And then there’s the buy one get one free or buy two get one free or buy one get 3 free or whatever, right? Buy x get y free where the discount includes its own conditoni really where you’re buying a certain number and you’re getting a certain number free. Okay so those are the 4 types of discounts that you can do.

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