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Setup a Forum on Your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press

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Simple:Press forum offers many benefits for both the users of the forum and for forum management. Learn about those features as well as how to install and configure it’s options and components. You will also see how to setup forum groups, individual forums and configure a personal profile.

Introduction to Simple:Press

  • Benefits of Simple:Press
    • Individual Forums within the Forum System
    • Great for Support
    • Hide or Show Content Based on Type of User
    • Different Permission Levels
    • Add Text, Photos, Videos and Screenshots
    • Subscribe or Watch Forum Questions
    • Full Featured Member Profile
  • Management of a Forum
    • Tracking Questions
    • How to Avoid Forum Spammers
  • Setup a System that Doesn’t Allow Direct Registration to the Forum

Preparation to install the Simple:Press

  • Create a forum page
  • Create custom user roles

Download and install Simple:Press

  • Free vs Premium
  • Main plugin
  • Add on plugins
    • image & file uploader
    • wysiwyg editor
    • Subscriptions
    • Template tags and widgets
    • Watches
    • Topic tags
    • Gravatar Cache
    • View uploaded images
    • Syntax Highlighting

Configure Simple:Press Integration

  • Create Folders Manually When Automatic System Fails
  • Designate the Forum Page

Install Simple:Press Plugins

  • Upload the Plugins
  • Fix a File Name Problem
  • Use Bulk Activate

Configure Simple:Press Options

  • Configure Global Settings
  • Configure General Display Settings
  • Content Settings
    • Image Enlargement
    • Spam Posts
    • Syntax Highlighting
  • Filtering
  • Member Settings
  • Email Settings

Configure Simple:Press Components

  • Smileys
  • Login and Registration
  • SEO
  • Forum Ranks
  • Custom Messages
  • Featured Posts and Topics
  • Control File Uploads
  • Subscriptions
  • TinyMCE

Setup Forum User Groups

  • Access Control through User Groups
  • Guests, Members and Moderators
  • Create New User Groups
  • Map Users to User Groups
  • Configure Map Users Function

Configure Permissions for User Groups

  • No Access
  • Read Only Access
  • Limited Access
  • Full Access
  • Moderator Access

Configure Profile Settings

  • Profile Options
  • Profile Tabs and Menus
  • Avatars
  • How Admins Work

Setup Forum Groups

  • Moving Forum Groups Around
  • Create New Forum Groups

Setup Individual Simple:Press Forums

Configure Personal Profile

Add Widgets

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