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Setup a Forum on your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press Part 14 – Add Widgets

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Now there’s one other thing I want to show you and then we’ll go on to take questions for this How to Setup a Simple:Press Forum on a WordPress Website video series. I want to show you the widget that is available to you here.

Come to the dashboard, I’ve got a user dashboard that I’m developing so when they’re at their dashboard I want them to see their subscribed posts here in the side.

Actually, before I do that I better subscribe to a post. So come back over and I’m going to come to Class Announcements and subscribe. You’re not subscribed to any topics. Let’s see what happens if I go to my profile. Can I subscribe to the subscriptions?

Forum Subscriptions, okay so I’m going to subscribe to Class Announcements and Class Files. Go back to Class Forum and so there’s my subscription.

Now what I want to do is in the actual website I’m going to come over here to Appearance and Widgets. Go to my Dashboard Widgets and come down to the Recent Forum Posts. I’m going to leave it just like this. Hit Save and come back over to my dashboard.

Here is a recent forum post and I can come over to read it and I can subscribe to it. It’s that easy and if a response happens to that it’s going to show up here in my dashboard.

So it’s quite similar…in fact, it’s the facility that I’m using here on BYOBWebsite. If you go to my dashboard you’ll see it. Mine is customized a little bit but that’s what’s happening here. Subscribed Posts, Recent Posts so on and so forth. They show up there nicely.

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