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Setup a Forum on your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press Part 13 – Configure Personal Profile

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While I’m here in the Simple:Press setup I may as well come over to Options. We’ll change Edit Posting Options and we’ll use plain text. And Edit Display Options, my timezone is UTC -8, America and they probably have Los Angeles here. So update my display options.

Under Usergroups, I’m in the user group Administrator. Permissions, you can see what permissions I have for these things. What I don’t currently have here are identities. I think I better refresh this.

So we go to the Profile, Edit User Profile and I have Attachments and Subscriptions and Profile. Now I’ve got Edit Profile. We need to really set some things up before we can get to this, so Edit Identities.

There we go, now I can put my Facebook and other social media in there. I can edit my avatar. Right now I’m getting it from gravatar but I could choose something else. I can edit my signature and I can edit my account settings all that sort of thing.

I can come over here to Attachments and see what attachments I’ve uploaded. Currently I haven’t uploaded anything. Subscriptions, I’m going to auto subscribe to posts that I post in and auto subscribe to topics I start. Although I’m not going to do that because I’m the admin so it’s already happening.

Then this will show you which ones you’re subscribed to and which forums you’re subscribed to. Now I’m going to come back to the forum.

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