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Setup a Forum on your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press Part 10 – Configure Profile Settings

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Now that we have configured permissions for user groups, we are going to do is look at our Simple:Press Profiles. Let’s start at the Profile Settings with Profile Options. This is a set of settings that you can configure.

Profile Options

You can let the member choose which name format to display, the default is the WordPress display name. You can let them upload photos and 0 means they can add as many as they want and 0 here means it can be as big as they want.

You can allow them to add their own signatures and you can specify widths of those things. This Display profile on login means that the first time they visit the forum their profile shows up. It doesn’t happen any other time but the first time they visit the forum which then encourages them to edit their profile and to it.

In Display Profile Mode you have display profile information on and you can have a popup window, you can have a forum profile page. I actually like the forum profile page best but you can also put it on just a standard WordPress page. All you have to do is put the URL for that page in there.

In the Profile Entry Form Mode area select the forum profile form because unless you’re creating something custom this one is good. Simple:Press provides a lot of nice stuff in their forum profile set up so I just leave that as it is. Then there’s that profile overview message. Let’s update those options.

Profile Tabs and Menus

Next we come to our Profile Tabs & Menus. In this section you can change the menu around of the profile. So the first tab is Profile, the second tab is Options, the third tab is User Groups, the fourth tab is Permissions and the fifth tab is Attachments that shows their image uploads, media uploads and file uploads.

The next one shows their Subscriptions and then in those tabs you’ve got the Overview, Edit Profile, Edit Identities, Edit Avatar and Edit Signature. You can move this stuff around and you can delete them. I’m happy with it as it is so I’m not going to make any change to this.


But you might make some changes to Avatars. You can choose not to display avatars which is actually a reasonable place to start and you can set the size of the avatar. I think my avatars are set at 50 and so I’m pretty much the default set up.

Gravatar max rating is really for an adult forum. If they say their own gravatar is rated “R” I don’t care so that’s what I set with.

Now, you could replace the WordPress with SP avatar but we’re not going to do that because we’re going to use something over here to set it up instead.

You can set up your own Avatar Pool where people can choose an avatar. Essentially, you setup your own set of avatars so people can choose their avatars if you wish or you can have them set as automatically assigned or they can use their own gravatar or they can create their own avatar.

Let’s look at that in terms of priorities. What I do is make the uploaded avatar the highest priority so if they upload their own avatar that’s what gets shown. Second, if they don’t have upload an avatar but they’ve got a gravatar that will show up. Third, now you have a question about what are the defaults and if you don’t have an Avatar Pool it doesn’t matter. You know what the WordPress avatars look like already and you can let the WordPress avatars be default or you can let the Simple:Press default avatars be the default.

I set up a default avatar for Simple:Press so everybody who doesn’t have a gravatar on my forum gets this little groucho marx avatar. One of these days it would be more interesting to set up a gravatar pool and let people choose gravatars. Obviously these people all have avatars but you probably seen the groucho marx avatar in there. So that’s SP Default Avatars and Remote Avatars and Avatar Pool.

If you want to create an Avatar Pool then you could choose a bunch of avatar photos, stick them into pool and then put the Avatar Pool up there and they can choose their own. But as a practical matter these 3 things are what I use.

How Admins Work in Simple:Press

And with that done you can save it. Now you’ve got the rest of that profile stuff set up. Although I was going to tell you about Admins. The way Admins work in Simple:Press is if you’ve got more than one admin on your site, the admin who installed Simple:Press is the Simple:Press admin.

Then you look at Manage Admins and you’re going to see that I’ve got two admins on the site. I’ve got WP Engine as an admin and I’ve got me as an admin but the only admin that has full access to the site is me and so you can set Global Admin Options.

I want to receive email notification on new topic and posts so I do that. I don’t want to receive anything on post edits and I’m going to grant moderators that same choice. You could have a little offline message if you wanted to but I don’t really bother with that.

So I want to receive a new email every time somebody posts a topic or whenever there is a new post on a topic.

Actually, I now think I know why I get two emails from this thing every time somebody posts a comment. I’ve been tearing my hair out on this. That’s it. I’m going to uncheck Receive notifications on post edits. I only want to receive ones that are on new topic or post.

So those are the Admin Options. If you want a different admin to have admin rights you have to grant them admin rights. You have to make them an administrator.

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