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Setup a Forum on your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press Part 7 – Configure Simple:Press Components

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Now that we’ve set all of our basic options for the Simple:Press forum we’re going to come over to Components.


Really you don’t have to do anything with Smileys but one of these days I do want to switch out these smileys with something else just for fun. You can create your own smileys, swap out the smiley images and all that sort of thing but we’re not going to do that today.

Login and Registration

Under Login And Registration if it doesn’t say that your site is currently set to not allow users to register then you’ve probably set it up wrong. At least if you are following my system where users can’t automatically register.

A login redirect is for you to set up where someone goes when they log in. Use spam tool on registration form, I’m just going to turn that off. You can go ahead and leave this, it just depends on where you want them to be redirected. I’m going to redirect them to the dashboard. Then after they log out I’m going to redirect them to Home.

This is for a different kind of login system it doesn’t really matter, we can go ahead and update that.


Now in my case, SEO doesn’t matter because this is a private forum so I’ll just leave it alone. Actually, if you’re using either the Thesis or Genesis themes you automatically have control over the meta title and meta description in that forum page, so I don’t really think it really matters that much in this kind of situation.

Forum Ranks

Under Forum Ranks you can have a little forum ranking. Automatic User Group Membership is none because we’re not there yet. And we’re just going to leave the rest of these alone for the moment. But I can show you how I have it set up on another forum.

Let’s go to Components and Forum Ranks. So I have a new member, I have a member and I have a Jedi. You can add icons or badges to this so that when they reach a different level they get a badge.

I actually haven’t done that but I have a special rank for my original founding members and everybody in that category gets that extra little founding member badge. This is essentially for people who have been with me now for 5 years. And this is what it looks like if they’re a founding member.

You can actually create lots of different ranks based on the number of posts. So if you’re trying to inspire people to participate, maybe giving them different rankings, little badges or images as they way up to food chain might be useful. And you can do that here.

Custom Messages

Custom Messages is next but actually I don’t find any real use for these so I’m not using it at all.

Featured Posts and Topics

Featured Posts and Topics comes next. This is where if you want to have something featured you can put the topic id or the post id in here. Because we don’t have any post yet we can’t do that right now.

Control File Uploads

With File Uploads you can control the size of files that people use to upload, if you find it necessary. In my case, I don’t put very many restrictions but this is 51K. On my other forum for File Uploads, I have pretty generous file upload size. I am using 15 which essentially is 151K. I’d add a hundred to it just so that images can show up.

Maximum width in pixels of image files, I would set that to the maximum width of your page, so on this case it’s 1032. Maximum height, it doesn’t really matter. Allowed file types are jpg, gft, png and those are for image files.

For media files, I don’t have a max image size. In terms of width in pixels of media, I want people to be able to upload a half HD video so I go to 640. And because some people are using 3×4 videos still, I change this to 480 so that somebody can embed a 640×480 video.

Other File Types, that’s txt, rtf, doc, pdf. Again, I want them have a big file if they feel like they need to upload a big file. Show uploads inserted into post, attachments that’s fine.

Under Prohibited files, PHP is prohibited, HTML and essentially all kinds of different executable code files. We’ll prohibit those from being uploaded. Now we just hit Update to that.


In Subscriptions you can choose to auto subscribe all members to all topics they post in.

What happens here is people are automatically added…they have control over it so they can auto subscribe themselves. And they can choose not to even subscribe to things that they post in or that they start.

So we allow members to subscribe to forums in addition to topics and I generally include the post content in the subscription email so that a person can actually look a the email that they get and tell what’s going on. So we’ll check both of those.

You can enable digests. Generally speaking, I don’t enable subscription digests but you could. Digest means that instead of getting an update every time there’s something new on a subscribe thread what they’ll do is get a digest at the end of the day instead. Since that’s not the kind of forum we’re creating here we won’t do that. Let’s hit Update to that.


Finally, for TinyMCE we’re going to save internal URLs as “relative” that’s fine. We’re going to reject posts with embedded formatting and force correct use of paste options.

It can really mess things up if somebody pastes a document or something that has formatting embedded into it. So if they’re going to paste something you want them to use the paste to word or paste as text. You don’t want them just to paste formatted things in so I reject that.

If you’re familiar with how to customize the TinyMCE editor which is the WordPress editor, this provides you with a really easy way for you to add additional plugins. WordPress actually comes with all the TinyMCE plugins so if you know what those are you can add additional plugins and you can reorganize your toolbar if you want. I’ll just leave this as it is and that’s all of the components.

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