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Setup a Forum on your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press Part 4 – Configure Simple:Press Integration

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We’ve installed Simple:Press forum and now we are going to setup the forum. And right away it tells you whether or not all of the necessary folders were created.

Create Folders Manually When Automatic System Fails

I’ll just show you an instance where it did not get created or it doesn’t exist on this site here. Come over to Forums and down to Integration. If you look at Storage Location, that’s what we were just looking at, it looks exactly the same except this Custom Icons Folder doesn’t exist.

It’s saying that the location was not found and that the right to access was denied and here’s what we have to create. The name of this is plugins/simple-forum/styles/icon/default/custom.

So when this happens you actually have to physically do it yourself using either your host’s file manager or FTP. This site is hosted on WP Engine and so it doesn’t have a file manager. It requires you to manage your files using an FTP Client.

So I’ll come over here to wp-content and then down to plugins and to simple-press. Let’s see the path again is, plugins/simple-forum/styles/icon. I should just copy this whole thing and put it in a notepad, plugins/simple-forum/styles/icon/default/custom.

Create the Folders

What we will do is come back over so we’re in simple-press and now we’re going to add a new folder called styles. We’ll open up styles and add a new one. Then create a new directory called icons, open that one. Then create a new directory called default and then create one more directory inside of that called custom.

Now, because this forum is now nearly 5 years old it’s set up a little bit differently than the way it would be for a new installation. We’ve created the directory structure that it’s looking for and now we can refresh this. Come back over to Integration, Storage Locations and /wp-content/plugins/simple-forum/styles/icon/default/custom.

Setup File Permissions

Maybe it’s not writable, let’s go make sure I check my permissions on this. Let’s look at the File Permissions. What we need here is 667, that’s typical. Yes, it didn’t have any file permission that was the problem.

In fact, we may as well go up and set the file permissions for everything. Let’s just make sure what the typical file permission is. The typical file permission is 775 so that’s what this needs to be then. So, styles needs permissions of 755 and make it Recurse into subdirectories. Say okay to that.

Then let’s just make sure that this has the right file permissions – 775 okay great. So we have to create the path and you have to set the permissions and now we should have a nice little blue and green thing set up for us.

Obviously I did something wrong. /wp-content/plugins/simple-forum/styles/icon/default/custom and here it’s simple-press so what I have to do is change that simple-forum to simple-press. You can change these too, you don’t actually have to use them as they are.

Update Storage Locations

Hit Update Storage Locations and now everything is happy green and blue so we got that solved but we don’t have that problem on our test site.

Designate the Forum Page

Now that you have seen how to do that let’s finish the integration. We’ll come over here to Page and Permalink. It’s asking for the page to be displayed and we’re going to choose class-forum as the page.

Hit Update WP Integration and so now we can see something on that page. If we go to /class-forum there’s a little something here.

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