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Setup a Forum on your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press Part 6 – Configure Simple:Press Options

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We have all of our addon plugins installed and now we can go about the business of setting up our options. We’ll start here with Options under Global Settings. It’s going to work even if you don’t set these settings.

Configure Global Settings

One thing you can choose is to block user access to the WP Admin pages so when they log in it can’t get to the backside of the site. That’s where they might change their user profiles and so on. I generally don’t do that.

If for some reason or another you need to lock your entire forum down you can click on this.

I’m going to turn on auto updates. For how many posts to keep in the cache I think 200 is probably fine. I’m going to disable RSS Feeds. I don’t really think that RSS Feeds are useful in this kind of situation.

In terms of CSS and javascript we’re going to enable those so yes to combining and caching of CSS files and combining and caching of javascript files.

For post editing, we’re not going to use the plain text we’re going to use use the rich text editor that we added.

And since we’re not trying to solve any problem we’re not going to enable Error Logging. Just hit Update Global Settings here.

Configure General Display Settings

Next up is General Display Settings. You could remove the page title completely but we’re not going to worry about that. Sort topics by recent one first and number of topics to display per page is 12.

We’re going to check Integrated Editor Toolbar. The default number of unread posts for users is 50. This is not a single forum site so theoretically you could just have one forum and then you don’t need forum groups and that sort of thing. But that’s not what we’re doing so we’re going to leave that alone.

Update interval for stats once an hour. For display top posters I’m going to change that to 5 and display new users I’m going to turn that down to 5 also. And now let’s hit Update Display Options.

Content Settings

Then come down to Content Settings. Here you can set up your date format however you wish.

Image Enlargement

In terms of Image Enlargement, use popup image enlargement so when somebody sticks an image in it goes in as a thumbnail but you can see the full size by clicking on it. You can constrain the popup enlargement to the current window size. And we start off with always use image thumbnails.

However, I really like to make the thumbnails large because the large thumbnail means that the person can see what they’re looking for without clicking on the image so I use a 640 pixel wide image for the thumbnail.

Then in terms of default image style I use either baseline or top for how the image should be put in place and then I force a paragraph after the image to start new. If you let it stay at left what will happen is some text will try to flow around on the righthand side of the image. And if you’ve got more than one image, one after the other, and you’re using the smaller thumbnails they try to jump up beside each other it’s a total pain.

So if you choose baseline or top then what happens is nothing is going to try to float up beside it. Then if you force a paragraph after it what you have is the ability then to put text in between each image which is nice if you have several images you want to put in. So I do that.

You can choose to change the number of smileys that somebody uses in a post but 0 means I can put in as many as possible.

Spam Posts

If you’re using the system I’m using then you don’t have the issue about spam posts. So I’m not going to check either of these.

Syntax Highlighting

Code Syntax Highlighting I turn on for both of these, Use Syntax Highlighting in Forum Posts and Blog Posts. You can also limit the amount of syntax highlighting that you use. Click on the Help button here and it’ll show you all the possibilities. I am going to have CSS, HTML, Javascript and PHP. Close that.

Their help system is really nice so HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript those are the four types of Code Syntax Highlighting that we’re going to provide and that means less javascript files and less CSS files have to be loaded.


Then back over here, you can filter out HTML tags but I wouldn’t. The whole purpose for having HTML tags in the forum is so that people can use an HTML formatting if they find it appropriate. So I don’t filter that stuff out.

I don’t put a maximum number of links in. This is again an anti-spam thing. I used to but then somebody need to post 5 links and I had it set at 4 and he couldn’t post them all so now I don’t have any limitation on that.

I generally do not add nofollow to links. There are some folks who will get some SEO benefit by posting on my site so I don’t add nofollow. You could choose to add nofollow if you wanted to especially if you are worried about spammers.

Open links in a new tab I always do that. URL shortening limit means that the URL is going to be shortened to 40 characters and this doesn’t really matter.

Shortcodes Filtering, you could do that but I kind of like the ability to use the shortcode every once in awhile. So what this does is you can either have that off and it will activate any shortcode or you can turn it on and then put a list of allowed shortcodes here. It’s up to you but I’m going to turn it off.

The main benefit of having shortcodes is if you’ve got a savvy user and they want to put a video in they can use a video shortcode or audio shortcode which I think is reasonably useful so I leave that open.

And I’m going to use text wrap width for posts. Now let’s hit Update Content Options.

Member Settings

Then we go down to Member Settings. We are going to disallow members not logged in to post as guests. We’re going to allow members to hide their online status. The member’s name when it links to something is going to link to their profile.

We are not allowing guests to post anything and we are not storing guest information so we can turn those things off.

Theoretically, you can automatically get rid of accounts if somebody hasn’t posted for a while but I think that’s really more useful for sites where spammers are an issue. So for enable auto removal of accounts if you’ve got a membership site you probably don’t want to do that.

For remove inactive members, remove members who have not posted and choose the number of days, none of that really applies to this kind of set up.

Adjust users post count when post is deleted, sure. Then you can theoretically blacklist account names and display names and guest posting names but we’re not permitting any of that anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Let’s hit Update Member Options.

Email Settings

Email settings is really straightforward. People will get this email when they use a Simple:Press registration which we’re not using so it doesn’t matter. But with all the rest of your emails this does matter.

Here we’re going to do Professional Thesis 2.1 Skin Development and the email from name will be Rick Anderson. So there’s the email from name and then the email domain name. Actually, I think it’s better to use the domain name from this,, because that’s actually who’s sending this. And hit Update Email Options.

So if you’re using my system you just want to make sure you’ve customized these aspects of the email settings.

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