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Setup a Forum on your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press Part 3 – Download and Install Simple:Press & Plugins

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So all we had to do in order to get ready to install Simple:Press Forum was to add the forum page and set user roles. Now we’re going to download and install the plugin. The plugin itself is free but support for it and access to all of its addons require some kind of a subscription.

Simple:Press Membership Options

If we come over here and look at their details, they have a 2 Month Membership for $39 or 12 Month Membership for $99. This membership essentially gives you access to the plugins and it gives you access to support.

I’ve been a Gold Member forever but if you needed support you might get all the support you need in just a couple of weeks. Either way, one of these two options will work for you.

Right now, I’m logged in and so I will be able to download everything that I want to download. We’re going to start by downloading the plugin Simple:Press. As you well may imagine, installing it is fairly straightforward.

Install Simple:Press

You just come over to Plugins and Add New. Then upload a plugin and choose your file. Let’s do it by date modified and there’s simple-press. Open it, install it and activate the plugin. That’s a weird message. Let’s do that again.

And now we’ll go to Installed Plugins. Sometimes when that happens you just have to do it again. Since it was loaded there I can just hit Activate and that’s all I really need to do.

Download Simple:Press Addon Plugins

The next thing we’re going to do is download a number of these addon plugins. Come over here to Member Plugins. We’ll start with the Image, Media and File Uploader, then the WYSIWYG Editor, the Subscriptions and then Template Tags and Widgets. This last one is very powerful and important.

Obviously there are lots of other things you can use such as Social Sharing and Forum Post Ratings. You can look through these and see what else might be useful for your site. We’re going to keep adding a few more. So, come down to Topic Tags and add that.

If you’re creating a public forum then you’ll want to use this Google XML Sitemap Integration but the forum I’m creating is actually not going to be public and I don’t want it indexed so there’s no rationale for doing this.

You definitely want to add the Gravatar Cache. The purpose for the Gravatar Cache is to collect all the gravatars of your users and then save them on your site so everytime you load a page it doesn’t have to run off to gravatar to grab the gravatar. That can be a very time consuming process if that’s what has to happen.

We’re going to do View Uploaded Images so you can look at the images you have and because this is a forum for a coding class I’m going to use Syntax Highlighting of Code. And I’ll do the Featured Topics and Posts as well because there are a couple of things I want people to make sure that they do.

Clearly there are lots of different things you can do with this but we’re just going to set those ones I’ve selected up. And now that we’ve downloaded all of those we’re going to install them through the forum itself.

Now that we are at the foum we’re going to start by setting up the forum so Install Simple:Press. It says Perform the Installation and now it says Installation is Complete. Next we can move on to our forum admin.

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