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Setup a Forum on your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press Part 5 – Install Simple:Press Plugins

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Before we start setting up our Simple:Press options, I want to add the plugins. Let’s come over here under Plugins and go to Plugin Uploader.

Upload the Addon Plugins

Then choose the file, choose featured, say open and upload now. Then we’ll just go to Plugin Uploader. Again, choose the file, syntax-highlighting, upload, Plugin Uploader, choose the file, uploads-viewer. We’re just going to do the same thing all the way through here for each of the addon plugins we choose.

After you watch me do this 10 times you’ll figure out how to do it easily. From time to time you’re going to see things like this and you can just click Remove and you don’t have to see it anymore.

Fix a Problem with a Folder Name

One of the addons has a problem. “The folder name of this plugin has become corrupted – probably due to multiple downloads. Please remove the 1 at the end of the folder name.” That’s a little awkward so let’s go take a look at that in Filezilla.

We’re going to go to this site and we’ll connect up here. So that aborted attempt I made in installing that plugin created something. Go to wp-content, plugins, simple-press.

Well, it has to be under simple-press. Let’s see if it tells us what the directory path for that is. No, it’s not telling us what the correct directory structure is so we’re going to have to do a little hunting. Actually, maybe it’s outside of plugins, sp-resources is probably where it is.

That’s where it is. So forum-plugins and featured1 and I just need to manually remove the 1. The plugins are stored under wp-content, sp-resources and forum-plugins so if you have to mess around with it that’s where you’ll find it. And I bet that solves this problem.

Bulk Activate the Plugins

Now, see all these red circles with the X here? They all mean that none of the plugins have been activated. I’m just going to bulk activate them by clicking on this box up here and going to activate and hit apply. Okay, so now all of our plugins are activated. Now there’s a thing here that shows you the available plugins that you have, that’s where we are right now. Look at that, it was telling us where that folder was right there wp-content/sp-resources/forum-plugins.

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