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Setup a Forum on your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press Part 11 – Setup Forum Groups

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Next in this Simple:Press Forum lesson we’re going to come up to Forums and start creating forums and we’ll start with Forum Groups. We’ll add users and permissions and that sort of thing and then we’ll play with it and see how it all works.

Forum Groups and Individual Forums

The way this works is that there are forum groups and individual forums. On my site the first forum group is Lesson questions & comments. These are about specific lessons or courses on the site. So the Start Building Your Website Here course has a forum, Build a Professional Website Using Genesis has a forum, Customizing Thesis Like a Pro has a forum and so on. These are all classes that are on the site and so if somebody is going to the class they can ask questions based on the class.

This Live Q & A Code is where I post the code that I give in a live Q & A.

Then my next one is Thesis and so that’s the forum group and there are a bunch of forums under it. Genesis is a forum group with only one forum under it at the moment. WordPress is a forum group that have lots of stuff under it.

For BYOB Plugins, Boxes and so on and so forth we have these various groups with forums under them.

Moving Forum Groups

You can move forums and groups around. So right now I’ve got Lesson Q&A at the top and then I’ve got Thesis and Genesis, WordPress and then BYOB Thesis Plugins. I should really just restructure this entirely but you can just drag these things around and move them to other places if you wish using that order group.

Create a Forum Group

What we’re going to do here is create a new group. The first group is going to be Professional Thesis Skin Development and the description is Forum for the Professional Thesis Skin Development Course.

We don’t have any custom icons but we could do that. Special group message to be displayed above forums doesn’t really matter to me so we’re going to leave it alone.

Now you come over to your Default Usergroup Permissions and we’re going to say Guests have No Access, Members have No Access, Moderators have Moderator Access, Students have Full Access and Web Design Bootcamp Class have No Access. That way only the students in this class get access to this one group. And now we’ll create this group.

We’re going to create one more forum group and this is going to be Beginning Web Design Bootcamp. We’ll save it like that and we’re going to say For students in the Beginning Web Design Bootcamp Class.

Again, Guests have No Access, Members have No Access, Moderators have Moderator Access, Professional Thesis Skin Development Class has No Access but the web design folks have Full Access. And create that new user group.

So now we have set up the basic structure of control for access to these forums.

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