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Setup a Forum on your WordPress Website Using Simple:Press Part 12 – Setup Individual Simple:Press Forums

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Now what we’re going to do is create forums in Simple:Press for a WordPress Website.

Create an Indiviual Forum

So, create a new forum and I’m going to choose a forum group of Professional Thesis Skin Development. The forum name is going to be Pre-course Preparation. For descriptions we’ll say, Topics Related to Preparing for the Class.

I am going to disable the forum RSS Feed so it won’t be generated and we’re not going to have any custom icons. We’re not going to set these at all here, we’re just going to let the forum group permissions control these.

What you can do is have group permissions that are general, that are global and that apply to everything in the group and then you can always on a specific forum modify it. But you don’t have to go back and reset them if you want them to be the same. So there is our first one.

Create Additional Individual Forums

And I’m going to create another new forum and it is going to be a standard forum. You can have standard forums or sub forums. I did get rid of the sub forums. I used to have sub forums on this site but maybe I got rid of them. We’re not going to have a subforum or child forum. We’re just going to let it be what it is.

Again, it’s going to be Professional Thesis Skin Development and that forum name is going to be Lesson – Create the Skin Base. The description is Topics associated with the first lesson. We’ll disable the RSS feed and create the new forum.

Let’s create one more. Again, Skin Development and the second one is Create the Typical Page & Banner Box. We’ll disable that one and we’ll create the new forum.

Then we’re going to create one last one. Create a new forum and we’re going to call it Personal Projects. In this one I’m going to say A place for any questions related to your personal projects. Create the new forum.

Reorganizing Forums

Now I’ve got 2 forum groups and 4 forums in this. If I want to reorganize these a little bit I can come back over to the Order Groups and Forums. I’ll take my Personal Projects one and just drag it up here above and save the ordering.

I realize I failed to put Lesson in front of this so I’m going to come back over to Manage Groups And Forums and I’m going to edit the forum and what I’m going to edit is Lesson and save the forum.

Create Class Announcements and Class Files Forums

Now we have a forum group and individual forums. Let’s add a topic now. Go to the Class Forum and Precourse Preparation. Actually, I need to add a forum for this before I can do that because what I really need is Class Announcements and Class Files. I forgot about those so I’m going to create two new forums.

This is going to be Class Announcements and create that and then create a new forum and this will be Class Files. I want to reorder those again because I’m going to take Class Announcements to the top, Class Files below that and then save it.

Create a Topic

Now in my Precourse Preparation in this topic I can say “Subscribe to Class Announcements and Files Forums before the class begins. This way you will receive an email any time I post an announcement or file.”

You can see that this is a very useful way of managing a class then. I’m going to Submit Topic and I’m probably going to do a video for this so they can see how to subscribe. Now let’s come over to Class Forum and there’s Precourse Preparation.

I should actually have added a little notice to this Class Announcements forum. So come back over to Manage Groups And Forums and we’re going to edit the forum and edit the forum description.

We’re going to say All class announcements will be posted here – be sure to subscribe to this forum and say the same thing here, All class files will be posted here – be sure to subscribe to this forum.

Add a Forum to have the Forum Group Show Up

So now we have forums set up. Actually, the other group doesn’t show up here because it doesn’t have any forums under it. You have to add a forum before the forum group is going to show up.

I’m going to show you what you see if you’re not logged in. This is a message I could probably change but it says The requested group does not exist or you do not have permission to view it.

Now, if I click this Log In forum and I log in, now I’m logged in as Laura. She’s brought here to this section, I’m going to come back to Class Forum. See, she’s logged in but she still doesn’t see the forum because it’s not public to her, she doesn’t get to see it.

So if we come back over here and create a new forum and we’re going to add this one to Beginning Web Design Bootcamp and we’ll call this one Class Announcements. We won’t fill that out, we’re just going to create the new forum and save it.

Now when we refresh Laura’s view, because she’s in that class she will be able to see this. If we log out and log back in, I don’t have the log in stuff set up for this yet, but we can go to Class Forum. It took me here so I can fill my stuff out but then if I come over to Class Forum I can see the class that I’m in but I can’t see the class I’m not in so that’s what this whole thing is about.

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