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The NextGen Gallery Plugin – Part 5 – Add a Gallery to a Page

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This is the fifth in a series of lessons on how to use the NextGen Gallery Plugin for WordPress. In this lesson we add our first gallery to a page.

Video Transcript

Let’s go ahead and take a look at… oh, I want to add a gallery too before we are finished here. I want to add a gallery to a page. So let’s look at our overview. We’ve got 4 galleries, we’ve got our Camp Muir Barbecue gallery. It is… let’s see… I thought I could find a preview image. Page links to… okay. Well, I guess there’s no place here to… so then, I guess it’s just the NNG gallery. Add the image to the page so that uses a code that I believe is this.

So let’s go to our page here, let’s go demo 1 edit the page and I believe, we just… in say, gallery 1 is equals gallery equals 1. Update, refresh… there we go. Okay so without any you know, mucking about, we have these different images set in a gallery that very nicely jump around. This is my lovely wife, by the way, Laura. This was a… Camp Muir is the launching off place for climbs Mt Rainier except at 10,000 feet, the base of the climb starts at around 5,000 feet and this was a barbecue that we had up at Camp Muir. Just for grins, we carried our barbecue up 5,000 feet and sat there and drank beer and ate hamburgers while people are either leaving for a climb or coming back from a climb. That’s a fun little trip.

So anyway, there’s our gallery. I should be able to… yup. And by default, this allows us to show it as a slideshow as well and so, you could just click through the slideshow. We’ll go… we’ll do this in more detail in the following weeks.

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