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The NextGen Gallery Plugin – Part 6 – Configure a Gallery

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This is the sixth in a series of lessons on how to use the NextGen Gallery Plugin for WordPress.  In this lesson we look at all of the configuration options available for galleries.

Video Transcript

And now we’re going to go on to talking about the NextGen gallery. So what I’ve done actually is created a site for demonstrating the NextGen gallery. Last week, I was working on a different site but what I’ve done here is I’ve created a site using NextGen. It’s called and in fact, it’s running WordPress 3.2 beta.

And so, we’ll go to the dashboard. If we come down here to gallery and select overview, you can see that I’ve created 5 galleries and I have a total of 317 images and I have no albums. So if we take a look at galleries, this first gallery, the Camp Muir Barbecue, that is actually the gallery I placed last time using a little piece of code, so that’s this right here. And remember, you know, once we place this gallery of course, you can just click through the images and we can also switch it to showing as a slideshow and then it will automatically itself kind of rotate through those images. Oh maybe it doesn’t. Maybe I have to click on it to make it rotate, I guess so. I think there are probably some options we can set that we’ll explore here as we go along. But anyway, back to picture list.

So the next thing to talk about then is configuring our galleries. And we’ll do that here under Manage Gallery and then I’m going to go ahead and select the gallery, this is gallery id 1 Camp Muir Barbecue. And so, the interface really has 3 parts. The first part is the help which you can drop down here and you know, there’s a bit of help that you can get off of this. Actually, I’ve been surprised the lack of documentation that I’ve found for NextGen so we’ve had to go through the process of learning a bunch of this stuff as we work our way through it. But nevertheless, you can link off to support forums or the FAQ page and you can look at a couple of examples of stuff as well. So anyway, each screen has its own help.

And the 2nd part of the interface is the gallery settings and then the 3rd part of the interface is the image settings. So looking at the gallery settings here for a moment, you have the title which is what we created when we created the original gallery when we uploaded the images. And then you have the opportunity for description. Now the only place that description shows up in is here in the overview. Well, pardon me, it shows up in the gallery view. It doesn’t show up in the overview so you can see that description right here. So in fact, it doesn’t need to be as verbose as this obviously because you know, the colorful language isn’t going to show up in any place. It’s really just for you to remember what you know, what this gallery happened to be about.

So then the next part is the path and this is telling you where the images are being stored on your server. So they’re being stored in wpcontent/gallery/campmuirbarbecue. That’s the name of the folder in which these things are being stored.

And so, if any time you want to add more images to this via ftp, you can do that simply by ftp-ing to it. And if you do that, if you add some images via ftp to this, you can select this scan folder for new images and if there are images that aren’t already indexed in this group here, they’ll be added to it.

So then the next thing is this page link to. Now this, I think perhaps is a little bit confusing. Page link to only works when you’re working with albums so when we get to that part, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. But essentially, page link to is the location of the page that holds the gallery. And so this gives you a chance to you know, pick a page. We have it located on the page called first gallery but you know, it could be located on any page or it could not be linked at all which I’m not sure why you would do that.

The 2nd thing is a preview image and again, the same thing is true. This is for when you are showing a group of galleries in an album. You can pick your preview image and Vacation ‘03 actually is not an appropriate image for this gallery so you know, maybe Camp Muir Barbecue ’10 would be a better one. Author is automatically set by WordPress based on the user who created the gallery in the first place. And if you don’t already have a gallery page that you want to put this on, that you’re going to put this on, you can add a page and when you add that page, you can pick its parent page. So if it’s a main page, if it doesn’t have a parent page, that’s fine. But if you want to put it under a parent page, you can select one of these pages and then select Add Page. It will create that page and make the page link to the page that it created. And we’re going to do that in a moment.

In fact, let’s just go ahead and do that on another gallery. So if we go back to Manage Galleries and let’s pick Mt. Rainier and we are going to select 1st gallery as the parent page and we’re going to add a page. And now, what’s happened is page called Mt. Rainier 2003 has been added. If we come down here and select one of the images from that, well, let’s just look at these images. Let’s see which image looks like… okay, let’s pick 23. That’s Laura and I on the summit.

So we pick 23 as the main image and hit save changes. We can go over to here… actually, we need to do that in Thesis Site Options. Add that page to the menu, come over here to pages. You can see Mt. Rainier 2003 has been added to the menu or to the page list. We’ll just select it and move it up here under 1st gallery, save it, refresh this first… and now you can see Mt. Rainier 2003 shows up. We can select it and now the Mt. Rainier pictures are displayed.

Okay so going back to our Manage Gallery and back to Camp Muir Barbecue…

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