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The NextGen Gallery Plugin – Part 9 – Create and Publish Albums

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This is the ninth in a series of lessons on how to use the NextGen Galley Plugin for WordPress. In this lesson we look at how create, configure and publish albums.

Video Transcript

So then the final thing we’re going to do on NextGen today is we’re going to create an album. You know, NextGen is created up of images, galleries, and albums. A gallery is a collection of images and an album is a collection of galleries.

So if we come over here to albums and just take a look at the interface, again, the interface has this help section. And so now, there’s stuff about album management and album examples you know, if we want to go take a look at this album example. You can see that here is a method of displaying that albums that shows you know, galleries stacked on top of itself. Here’s another method of displaying the album showing the galleries you know, side by side like this. So if we add a new album, let’s just call this “Climbing 2004”. And say add, so we’ve created a new album. Now we need to add some galleries to that album and the gallery that we’d add to that is the Camp Muir Barbecue and we have it set up… and actually, it’s already ready. You can show all of these things. I think it’s theoretically possible to have so many galleries in here that they don’t all show unless you select show all. You can maximize the galleries so that you can see everything and you can minimize the galleries so that you don’t you know, see everything. So that’s a little bit of interface stuff.

And then if we update this, we now have created our first gallery and so if we expand this, let’s see, let’s just double check our album here. It didn’t save that so we got to put Camp Muir Barbecue back in there and then say update. And then, let’s create a new album and if pick no album selected then we can add a new album and this one will be Climbing 2003. We’ll add that album and then in our Climbing 2003 album okay, we’re going to edit the 2003 album. Actually first, we’re going to say cancel. And 2003, we’re going to add Mt. Rainier and Mt. Stewart and we’re going to update the album. And then we can edit the album so there’s our album name. We don’t have to put an album description here but we can pick an album link. And you know, really Mt. Rainier is sort of the figure head so we should…oh, bummer. I think I’m going to have to do it…oh I’ll just pick that one. And for the moment, we’ll leave it not linked so we say okay to that.

Okay then finally, we’re going to create a new album. Our 3rd album and that’s Backpacking with Kids. We’ll add that album, we’re going to go ahead and drag Backpacking with Kids over and update it. And then let’s see, let’s pick 2003. It’s got Mt. Rainier and Mt. Stewart… oh and Mt. Shuckson. I see, I forgot there were 3 climbs in there.

And so, we hit update and now if we go to our Manage Albums… not Manage Gallery but Manage Albums. We have 3 albums here. So now we’ve created 3 albums and let’s add an album to a page. So let’s create a page, we’re going to add new and we’re going to say first album.

Okay and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to use this little button here, the NextGen gallery button to add the album. So we’re going to select an album, not a gallery or a picture and the album that we’re going to pick in this case is Climbing 2003 and we’ll use the extended version at the moment just to see what it looks like. You can see just puts the short code in there for us. We don’t have to type in the short code. We hit publish and we go to View Page. Here’s our extended 2003. Now, we definitely want this thing to rotate correctly. It’s going to be worth our while to take a look at… isn’t that funny? That just didn’t save correctly. But here’s our you know, all of our Mt. Rainier climbing pictures including the day after when we’re done. That doesn’t look good.

Okay and so, that’s our first album and you can get to then all those albums this way. Another option though is… let’s go ahead and delete that and let’s insert an album and we’ll pick the album and let’s pick the compact version and let’s see what that looks like. We didn’t pick an album, we need to do that. Okay so Climbing 2004 compact version, insert and update. Now we’ve got all 3 of these things showing up. You can see you know, how this works and how it’s supposed to work I think we have a pretty good basic understanding of this.

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