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WordPress Events Calendar Plugin

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Part 1 – Evaluate the Plugin

This is the first part of WordPress Events Calendar Tutorial series. In this session, we evaluate the plugin that we will be using. We purchase the plugin and install it on the site. We also show some of the different functions of this plugin while configuring its settings.

Video Transcript

Okay so then what we’re going to do is do this a little evaluation. I have a client, Marty, who wants to add an event calendar to her site because she’s going to start doing several events a month and she wants people both to know about them and have a fairly easy way of signing up for them.

And I think I’ve found the right plugin for the task but I don’t know that for sure. And so what we’re going to do here is we’re going to experiment with this plugin and the plugin is one that I purchased from Code Canyon called WordPress Events Calendar. I’ve already purchased it and downloaded it. In fact, you can see it right there, it says I have purchased it already. So I’ve purchased it and downloaded and now… and then what I have is I’ve unzipped it. The way it comes is it comes zipped up like this, WordPress Events Calendar. Unfortunately, that’s actually not ready for you to upload to your site that way because it actually… the actual plugin is inside of this folder. And so when you unzip it, you get this folder, WordPress Events Calendar. And you open that up and here, this is the actual plugin directory. So I just zipped that up into this and now, what I’m going to do is upload and install this to Marty’s site and we’ll take a look at it from there.

So we’ll go to add new plugin and just upload. And choose a file and it’s going to be the DP Events Calendar and install it. Okay, we’ll activate the plugin and then I think the first thing we have to do is go to General Settings here on this. Let’s see, DP Events Calendar… oh, there we go. So we’ll start off at General Settings and I think at the moment, we’ll go ahead and leave sort by turned on. I don’t think there’s any value in having a priorities sort. We’re going to turn that off. We will do our formatting in AM and PM rathe than by 24-hour calendar. And we will do our default order by time which I presume is date time. Under Styles, for the moment, I don’t think we’ll touch anything here. We’ll leave that all alone at the moment. And if we open up language, you can see there’s a cool place for you to change the language parameters for these different messages. We’re just going to leave all of those alone as well. So we’ll just hit save changes on the settings.

Ad then once we have the settings set, the first thing we need to do is add a calendar. So come down here, we go to calendars and this apparently allows you to add multiple calendars. So we’re just going to add a new calendar and we’ll call this calendar Marty’s Events. Well, we’ll put something in here for description. I’m not sure that we’re going to use it but let’s see… some sort of description. Let’s just say that for the moment. And then a pre-selected date, select the pre-selected date. Leave blank if not pre-seleted at any special date. Okay yeah, we’re not going to do that. We’re going to leave this where it is. We’ll keep that at 500 pixels and we’ll just say save to this for a moment.

And then what we do is we create events and we add those events to the calendar. So we come back down here and we create event and we just say add new event. We select our calendar. It’s going to be Marty’s Events and this one is going to be… what is… now I’ve forgotten the name of her stuff here. So it’s a live Q&A stream so what did she call this? She calls me, I mean, she calls this the… yeah, “Join me live in the boardroom.” Or Q&A live stream Success Coaching. I think I’m just going to use this one for the name. Meet in the Success Coaching Boardroom… I don’t know… well, we’ll start off with this, Meet in the Success Coaching Boardroom. What are we going to call it? I don’t know. Title… yeha, we’re going to call it Meet in the Success Coaching Boardroom. No, we’re going to call it Q&A Live Stream Success Coaching.

So copy that, come over here and paste it there. and then for our description… let’s see, we’ll just meet in the Success Coaching Boardroom. We’ll paste that in there then we’ll paste… okay, I’m just going to copy that little block of text and put that there too. Don’t… we may be able to alter that with HTML but… let’s see, the date is the next one of these is in January and it’s the 2nd Thursday so it’s January 12th. And it is 7:30, I believe. Let’s go ahead and hit save to that.

Okay, we have to select a priority even if we’re not going to use it. So we’ll just say it’s high priority. Okay so let’s see what happens if we edit this, what happens? Nothing. It looks exactly the same. So let’s just create a new event then. So we’ll add a new event and it’ll be Marty’s Events. And the title of this one is going to be her… she’s got a retreat weekend, VIP Marketing Retreat. And I guess that’s what we’ll call it, VIP Marketing Retreat. And then in the description, what we should really do is… yeah let’s see… well, I’m not quite sure how this… I’m just going to copy this for a second. I’m not sure how this stuff works. We’re just going to have to test it.

And this starts… let’s see, when does this start? This starts on January 19th. Okay, it starts January 19th. Let’s say it’s all day. Interestingly, it does not have… well, let’s call that one a medium. And maybe what we do is we just end up doing this over and over and over again. So let’s save this for the moment and see what happens.

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