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WP eStore Digital Products with Multiple Files, Variations, Bundles and Amazon S3

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Part 1 – Introduction

In this first session we introduce the use of WP eStore digital products with multiple files, variations, bundles and Amazon S3. We talk about how digital variations work and how bundled products and variations are handled using WP eStore.

Please note that it is necessary to have WP eStore fully configured, updated to the latest version – WP eStore 6.5, that the paypal PDT identity token has been set up, a Thank You page has been set up, and you have an Amazon S3 account.

Video Transcript

Rick: You create a product every year that is selling your site at the summer time.

Susan: Right.

Rick: Right? Let’s just talk about that product.

Susan:  Sorry, I’m trying to get my little guy. He was good for the first 30 minutes. Now, here’s in here.

Rick:  Sure.

Susan:  Okay, there you go. Usually, it’s a PDF file of a calendar that is marketed to moms. This year, I decided to add an audio recording as part of the package. Not only do I have a PDF file which I’ve done in the past but now we have the audio recording that needs to be delivered to the person when they buy it.

Rick:  Okay and you also want to give them the opportunity to buy last year’s stuff as well.

Susan:  Right. I have a lot of new people that have come to my site so they might not have had one of the calendars. This is the 3rd year I’ve done it so yeah. There will be an option for them  to purchase the calendars from the last 2 years for a real nominal price, just as an add on purchase.

Rick:  Okay and so this year’s product actually has 2 files in it, is that right?

Susan:  Yes, for the 2012, yes. It has the PDF file and it also has an audio file.

Rick:  Right. And do you remember off the top of your head how big that audio file is?

Susan:  I thought it was 29 something.

Rick:  29 gig or 29 megabytes?

Susan:  Yeah, I think that’s it.

Rick:  Something like that so it’s not a small file. It’s a pretty big file. You couldn’t email things like that.

Susan:  Right.

Rick:  Under those circumstances and given that the tool that we’re using, we’re using WP eStore to do this. Given that set of circumstances, what we’re really going to have to do is create 2 products. I know we had chatted about creating a single product with a variation but the problem is that the digital variations do not allow you to include multiple file downloads within the same variation. For example, last year, with the 2011 calendar and the 2010 calendar, the variation thing worked because 2011 was one download and 2010 was one download.

Each variant of that, that is a standard variation with only 11 and the add on variation which included 2010, each of those only had one file. In our situation, we could zip the files together so that was a single file and if you did that, it would solve a couple of problems. But it causes you problems because you end up dealing with issues of people not knowing how to unzip file or whatever, right? Or not being able to unzip a file.

Susan:  That is a problem because, I mean even this year with this PDF file that I have of this planner, I have had more and more people emailing me that they don’t know how to open or they don’t have an updated way to… it’s been interesting to see. Yeah so to add more technical issues too, I think would be a bad idea for me.

Rick:  Right. That means we’re going to give them individual files and given the limitations of WP eStore, what you have to do is have 2 products. You have one product for 2012 and one product that bundles 2010, 2011, and 2012 into a single product and WP eStore can handle that just fine. It just doesn’t have the ability to have the first variation to have two download files and the second variation have two download files. It just doesn’t have that ability currently.

Susan:  Okay.

Rick:  Okay so we’re going to create 2 products.

Susan:  One of them is already in there so I put in the 2012 so that one’s in there.

Rick:  Right. Okay so I’m just going to go through the process…

Susan:  Except for the audio part, sorry.

Rick:  Yeah well, you’ve created the product, the product exists. Let’s just go look at your products, Manage Products. Right now, you’ve got your Summer Calendar 2012 product and that’s the one we’re talking about right now, right?

Susan:  Right. That’s what I put in for the id of 29. Obviously, I don’t have the link or anything in there yet.

Rick:  Right. Then you have these other products, the 2011 product which is one that we’re going to bundle and the 2010 calendar, I’m assuming, is in here someplace.

Susan:  Well, I’m wondering if it got mislabeled or something because now it has to be the one that’s below, it has to be that one product 18.

Rick:  Okay, I think this file location is probably not right.

Susan:  Oh wait, you know what? Yeah, I’m not sure.

Rick:  Here’s a summer calendar, the 2010 Summer Calendar, product number 2.

Susan:  Okay, yeah.

Rick:  Okay so that’s what we’ll do. We’re going to bundle and our second product’s going to bundle number 2, number 18 and number 29.

Susan:  Right.

Rick: The first product will just be number 29.

Susan:  Correct.

Rick:  Okay so I’m just going to go through the process of explaining this and by the time we’re done, it’ll all be set up.

Susan:  Okay, great.

Rick:  I’m just going to unmute your microphone so you don’t have to worry about noise and if I have a question, I’ll come back to you.

Susan:  Okay sounds good.

Rick:  Okay? Thank you.

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