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WP eStore Digital Products with Multiple Files, Variations, Bundles and Amazon S3 Part 6 – Multiple Coupons

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In this session we talk about how to create multiple coupons. We show how to use the condition “Item ID” is equal to the “product ID” to get 2 different coupon codes with each coupon code will applying to each specific product.

Video Transcript

Susan:  So I have one more question. Because I’m going to be offering the discount code so now, I guess I’ll be creating 2 different discount codes because it’ll be a code that will be associated only for the 2012 PDF and the audio. Then there will be a different code for the bundle. It’ll just be a different amount off. When I enter that in the discount thing, you list the product id and it says… I can’t remember what it says.

Rick:  You know, I would just use the same discount code because you’re going to have a hard time explaining it, don’t you think?

Susan:  But where can it be in the… it’ll be a different amount so I have to have 2 different codes, right?

Rick:  Well, does it need to be a different amount? How much of a discount are you giving?

Susan:  Well, I mean it’s only $2 but I was going to get $4 off of the bundle. I mean, if somebody is paying $14, I would give a bigger discount.

Rick:  Well okay so, yes. You would have 2 coupon codes and what you want to do is make sure that the coupon code… but you don’t care if they use the wrong… I guess you do. You don’t want to…

Susan:  Well, yeah. I don’t want somebody taking $4 off, yeah, the $9. I mean, I would have to be the one that is equal to, not contain because if it was contain, the product id, blah blah blah then…

Rick:  Right. So you would create a coupon code and…

Susan:  So like when it says condition, that’s where I get confused sometimes. So item id and then it would be is equal to.

Rick:  And then that’s the product id.

Susan:  Yeah okay.

Rick:  Then you can have 2 different coupon codes and each coupon code would apply to a specific product.

Susan:  Right. Just to make sure I have this right, then the product number for the 2012 one is still 29? Is that right?

Rick:  Well, let’s see. Okay so the product for 2012 only is 29 and the product for the bundle, well, it says bundle but it’s probably 30, I think, as I recall correctly. 2012 Calendar and Bundle, yeah. So 29 and 30.

Susan:  Okay.

Rick:  Okay. Is that it?

Susan:  Okay. I think so.

Rick:  Well, great. I’m glad we got it done for you.

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