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WP eStore Update – New Features in Version 5

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Part 1 – New Shortcode Functionality

This is the first in a short series on looking at the new features in WP eStore 5.3. WP eStore has added quite a bit new functionality in the last year. In this lesson we’ll look at some of the new shortcodes.

Video Transcript

Okay and so we are going to go a little late because I don’t have enough time right now to get through all the stuff I told Jackie I wanted… would do. And so, what we’re going to do here is we’re going to do a brief and then we’ll view more later. We’re going to do a brief update on what has happened in WP eStore in these last several months. You know, since I originally taught this class, WP eStore has gone through a few upgrades and while the initial setting information that I gave way back when is still valid, everything that I said in the past is still valid, there’s a bunch of new stuff that is available to us in Thesis eStore. And so, we’re going to take a look at some of that stuff today.

Now to start off with though, I’d like you to… well, I have a new handout. Remember the last time I created that PDF handout of all the Thesis eStore short codes? I have a new handout and I have posted it to the Build An eCommerce Website series and I think it starts off down at Lesson 5. Download the WP eStore short codes cheat sheet. Also the WP eShort codes plugin has changed too so you’ll want to you know, you’ll want to uninstall this, the old WP eStore short codes plugin that you’ve used and then download the latest one.

But we’re going to take a look at this new file I created and you know, I think there may be almost twice as many codes as there used to be. And part of that is because there is a whole bunch of new stuff it can do. Well, I guess it’s all because of the whole bunch of new stuff it can do.

I think in terms of… it’s sort of in terms of a summary of the short codes, they’ve added a short code that will display a list of recently added products so let’s see, I think recent products is here, WP eStore latest products and then number 5, that number here will be the number of products you want displayed. And then the style equals… now, every one of these fancy styles has a number, 1 through 8. And so you can put that number of that style here and while we’re at that, I want to show you… let’s see, let me show you an example. I should have put it on this.

Let’s see, if we go to our Week 3 stuff… that’s not good. Let’s see, okay examples. Well, if we come over here to the Creative a Membership Website main page and look down at the Week 3 resources, there are examples of WP eStore product display styles. If we just select that you know, you’re familiar with 1, 2, 3, and 4. Maybe 5, maybe 5 was around. But now there’s a new you know, similar to 3 only black and then they’ve got 7 and 8. They’ve got 2 different MP3 styles for giving somebody the chance to test or you know, listen to a sample of an MP3. So those 2 things now exist that didn’t exist before.

So anyway, if you want to know what is fancy one, here’s 1, here’s 2, here’s 3. Jackie, you’re using 3 obviously, more often than not. And so, let’s see, so you can show all the products. I’m sorry, you can show all the latest products for example, on a list and you can say the latest 20 products, the latest 2 products and you can show them through style 1 through style 8 and it’ll do that for you.

The next thing you can do is you can add the option to display products from any category using any of these fancy display options. Remember in the good old days, what you can do is you know, you could pick this individual category, WP eStore fancy id equals 1 and it would only show you the 1 style? And then this id was the category id? Well now, you can show all of the products in a given category. Again, with the same category id but now you can change the style from 1 through 8 and actually this is probably going to be…yeah, 1 through 8, you can change.

So actually, we’re just going to play with that for just a second here.

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