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WP eStore Update – New Features in Version 5 – Part 4 – A New Variation Pricing Scheme

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This is the fourth in a short series on looking at the new features in WP eStore 5.3. In this lesson we’ll consider a new variation pricing scheme made possible by allowing products to have no cost and to hide the original cost. In this example we have 3 variations each with their own cost.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay so that’s the next little function. Finally and what we’re going to do here is… let’s see, I’m just going to grab this code because I’m going to add that to our code when we’re finished here. And then finally, what we’re going to do is we’re going to do something else which is create a product with 0 price but add its price to the alternatives or to the variations. And let’s see, nope let’s close that so I don’t pick it wrong anymore.

So what we’ll do here is we will…we’re going to go the dashboard, we’re going to create a new product, add it to Products, we’re going to call it variation test. The product price will be 0 and then additional product details, let’s see. I want to steal stuff from another one that’s already done. So I’m going to open this in a new tab and we’re just going to edit this. Additional product details, thumbnail image URL, we’re not going to give it a target URL at the moment. We’re not going to give it additional product images. We’re not going to give it a product page at the moment. We’re going to call it an ebook. We are going to let’s see, let it go at that and then down under variations, we’ll have let’s see… a red version and actually, just to refresh my memory on how we do these things, let’s manage products again and which one of these has…I believe this one actually does have product variations. Nope, let’s see…did that one have product variations? Yes it did, okay.

And so what we did was… okay so then the way that works is color with a vertical bar, red version: $5 and then a vertical bar. Green version: $10 with a vertical bar and blue version: $15 with a vertical bar, I think. Does the 2nd one have… does the last one have a vertical bar? Yeah, it does. No, it does not have a vertical bar. That’s the last one.

And so, we can save this product and it is product id 101 so we can come back over to our page. Let’s see, let’s just go to our pages again. Back over to our page, look at sample codes and we’ll have a type 1. What we’re going to need is 101 and we’re going to show price 1 and see what that looks like. Update and then we’ll view that page. Okay so red version is 5, 10 or 15. This would be why we want to get rid of the price, I think. In fact, let’s go to style 1, show price as 0, update and then refresh this page.

Okay so now you have a choice of a $5, $10, or a $15. Add to cart, we don’t have a cart on this page here, I don’t think but if we come over to our products, no. We come over to books, yeah, I’ve got a shopping cart on this page here. And so it did, in fact, add it to the cart with a $10.

Okay Jackie, I’m going to turn your microphone on now. Good morning, Jackie. I turned you off again. Good morning, Jackie. Hello?

Jackie: Good morning, Rick. I just typed: “Yay, it worked when I update.”

Rick: Perfect. So that’s what you want to accomplish with this.

Jackie: Yeah, I would tell people what I really want is to have 3 or 4 different prices depending on size. So for the red version, it’ll be small… for the same item so that one item, they can select one of the 3 different or 4 different sizes and it isn’t… there isn’t a price and then a plus so many dollars, it’s the actual price. That’s the update in the new version. That is terrific!

Rick: So if we go back to our product for example, let’s see, let’s go back to product 101 because I think we can… let’s see, Manage Products and then product 101. If we edit it for a second and then you could just as easily take those variations and we can say, instead of color, we could say, “Please select the size.” I think we may be able to get away with putting a colon there and then let’s see, let’s see what happens when we do that. Save the product, refresh the page… oh it already has a colon. It doesn’t need the colon. Yeah, please select the size, say we take the green version, add it to the cart, go to the cart, see what the cart says. Interesting. The cart still says variation test – green… oh no, that’s right. Because it’s just giving us the variation we chose.

Jackie: Right.

Rick: Yeah, let’s make this a little easy. Let’s add that Shopping Cart to our page here real quick. Let’s see, widgets, okay. I think… oh you know what? I must be placing there by… I could have pasted there by code. Obviously, I didn’t use the widget there. I used a piece of code to get it in there instead so I can’t… I need the right code in order to get it in there. But nevertheless you know, please select the size can be your you know, your comment there and then… I wonder if we put… let’s just try one more thing here. Variations… let’s get rid of this but instead let’s say… let’s add an HTML tag to it. Strong, see if I can get that to bold, if that will do that. Save product and then refresh the product. Look at that, look at that little HTML tag in there. Please select the size and so, it looks good, right? I think that’s going to do just fine.

Jackie: Okay now just to review, step 1, do I upgrade WordPresseStore completely?

Rick: Yeah, upgrade WordPresseStore completely and also, upgrade that extra short codes plugin completely.

Jackie: Okay so in order to upgrade the WordPresseStore, do I have to delete the old eStore or just upgrade it in plugins?

Rick: No, you do have to delete it. Here’s their page on how to do this. What you should do is you know, search their site on how to get an update.

Jackie: Okay.

Rick: And then that will take you to their update request page and then there’s this plugin, upgrade documentation for, in this case, WP eStore and you know, I just follow version method 2 which is deactivate and then delete because you don’t lose the database stuff. You just lose the plugin file and then use the WordPress Import and Install for the additional… to replace it.

Jackie: Perfect. I got it.

Rick: Okay?

Jackie: Okay. In about a month, after I make all the adjustments and variations, we’ll have all these sizes.

Rick: There you go. Nevertheless, the nice thing about that is it does make it easier and because you’ve got both those tools, right? You’ve got the variation tool and you’ve got the tool that says don’t show the price.

Jackie: Right and that is so good because it was very confusing for the people who were using it when it said you know, $35 for the small size + $40 for the large size. And people did not understand that that was then $75 so I had to make sure that I put the prices in my copy above it. So this works.

Rick: This will make it easier.

Jackie: Much. Thank you so much.

Rick: Okay, you’re welcome. Have a great week, Jackie.

Jackie: Thank you. You too.

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