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A Beginner’s Guide to the Thesis 2.0 Skin Editor – Part 12 – Example #3, Create a Custom Template

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Video Transcript

Now there’s one other thing I want to do and example number 3 is to create a custom template. Okay so let’s go over to templates and let’s add a new template and we’re going to call this sales page… sales template. We’ll create that template. Okay, notice how it’s empty. All of our boxes are sitting down here. It’s not anywhere, right? Well, the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to select a template, page template and add it over and there we go. So now, that page template has all been added to the sales template.

And so now what I want to do is I really just want this to be a straight sales page. I don’t want, for example, I don’t want any columns in this thing at all. So I’m just going to drag my wp loop into my main container and then drag my columns out of this template. And I’m going to drag my menu out of this template and my header, out of the template and my footer, out of the template. So all I have now is just my post box and nothing else.

So if I save this template and then come over to a page, let’s see… let’s create a new page. We’ll call it sales page. Let’s put a bunch of stuff in it. So let’s put some text in it, publish it. And then over in our custom template here, choose the sales template and hit update, view that page. And this should have no header, no footer, no sidebars. All it’s going to have is the content.

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