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The Beginner’s Guide to the Thesis 2.1 Skin Editor – Part 17 – Backup and Restore a Skin

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Create a New Backup

Peter wanted me to demonstrate a backup and restore and I’ll do that. So with this site that I’ve completely messed up, let’s say I want to keep this design, what I would do is come over to the Manager, Create New Backup and let’s call it “end of seminar”. So OK to that.

Restore Defaults to Original

Now we’ve got a backup here and let’s say I want to restore my defaults back to the original. Say OK to that. Now refresh this and everything is back to normal. We come over to the Design, we’ve got our design settings, all these things are back to normal. Come over to Custom CSS, that’s all been brought back to normal alright, so let’s say I want to get it back.

Restore the Backup

Well, I can come back over here to the Skin, Editor, to the Manager, and I can restore this and refresh the page and I’m back what I was. Although I made this into the widget box but then it didn’t have a widget to bring in there but in any case, this is back the way it was saved. That’s how that system works, it’s very, very simple.

If you look at other site, if we go back to Manage Skins and just open up, say, Agility Nude. Then go over to the Skin, Editor. Look at Manager, you can see I’ve got lots of versions of that backed up, right? I started coding versions 2.1 back in June and I kept on saving things and as I create new stuff I save it so that I can always restore back to it. So, I do this all the time.

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