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Agility Copyright Box

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The next Agility Skin for Thesis Theme box we’ll take a look at is the Agility Copyright Box. The Agility Copyright Box is found in the footer.

Fast and Easy Copyright

Let’s take a look at a page. We’ve got this copyright box down here all the way at the bottom. It says copyright @ 2009 to this year. It displays the start date to the current date, the company name and then all rights reserved.

Let’s go back to the settings. All you have to do is enter your company name and your beginning date.

Use Text Box Instead For Non-English Sites

For those of you who are in a country other than the US, if you’re in Sweden or Norway, and you want to use different text you’ll just use a text box instead of this. You wouldn’t use the copyright box you’d simply use a text box and put your copyright information in. That way you don’t have to worry about translating all the text. This box is just intended to make it easy in English but it’s not particularly difficult if it’s not an English language website.

That pretty much finishes up front page settings. You decide which of these five things you want on your front page up here and Display Options. Turn all the things off that you don’t want. Then you decide how many columns each one is, what the content of each column is and set the settings for that content. It’s that simple.

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