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Let’s start off with the Featured Content Box here. You’ll find it in the Front Page Page Settings in Skin Content and under the Featured Content Area.

What Is a Featured Content Box?

A Featured Content Box has a featured image, a page title that links off, it has an excerpt and it has a read more button. That’s what you see when you insert a Featured Content Box.

The image size that it uses is the built-in Agility image size called Featured Content Image. You’ll also notice that when you put them side by side like this, that Agility will attempt to make everything even, so that these learn more buttons always line up. The top of the text always lines up. The top of the images always line up.

Since this one post has a two-line page title it makes this section the same height all the way across. So there’s a bit of extra space below the other titles. Now you can turn off that behavior if you want but the beauty of this kind of layout is that everything lines up.

You might be better off finding shorter page titles for that instead or just go with the fact that Agility is automatically lining everything up for you. So that’s a Featured Content Box.

Featured Content Box Settings

The settings for the Featured Content Box is pretty simple.

Choose Post Type

The first one is you choose your post type. Basically you are choosing Post or Page. There are some other post types showing here from a plugin I have. In the context of the feature box those are useless. Ultimately I’m going to make sure we don’t show this so it doesn’t confuse you because right now the only post types you have are posts and pages.

Select Pages/Posts

If you have posts, then you can choose from a list of your posts here and if you have pages you can choose from a list of your pages.

Text for Read More Link and Link Title

You can set the text for the read more link to be whatever you’d like. So this could say “learn more” instead of “read more” or whatever you’d like. And you can also change the title of the read more link. Right now it says “Visit Our Easy to Use Digital Design Options” page.

That might work for you but if you’re Dutch and you want it to be something else then you can change that. In that case we just put the % sign, just leave it like that and that puts the page title in. I take that back it wants some more text than that, doesn’t recognize that as text so but you could change that to your language insert the % and it will put in your page title there.

Set the Featured Image on a Page

Those are the only things you have to do to set that up. But, of course, as you can tell from this you need a featured image if this is going to work. Let’s go over to Visit Our Easy to Use Digital Design Options page and edit the page.

We don’t have a featured image set so we need to set that. I’ll choose one and then update the page. Let’s view the page and now we’ve got a featured image here. Now let’s go to the front page and you’ve got the three images running across here in our featured content boxes and everything is lining up. That’s the Featured Content Box.

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