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Setup the Agility Footer

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The Footer is just as easy to set up as the Front Page Options are in the Agility Skin. That’s why we started with the front page setup instead of the footer because the footer actually has all the same options.

Footer Columns

Let’s come over here to the footer. I said I wanted it to be four columns equally sized with the first column having a widget area. The second column says none so I’ll drag something there myself. The third column has a widget area and the fourth column has a widget area.

That’s the way this layout is here. Next week we’ll talk about how to put this in the template when you say “none I’ll drag something there myself” because actually this is a recent posts query box that just uses the tiny thumbnail images what it is.

Back to our four columns. Instead of this you could say I’ll take up a widget area here too. Once you’ve done that you can come back over to Appearance and Widgets and now you’ve got Column 1, Column 2, Column 3 and Column 4 widget areas and you can just drop widgets into those.

Top and Bottom Footer Areas

You decide what you want in the top footer and you decide what you want in the bottom footer. The bottom footer by default is Two columns, equally sized. We’ve got a WordPress menu and a copyright.

Now that we’ve got that menu and copyright, we come back over here to our typical footer settings and open up the Column 1 – WP Nav Menu and choose the menu that we want to display there. That’s all it needs.

We’ll talk about how to customize the appearance of that menu here later on but that pretty much finishes setting up the Agility front page.

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