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Setup the Agility Single Post Settings

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The Agility Skin also has some single post settings.

Related Posts

The first one is the related posts which is actually a related post thumbnails box. To see it in action, come down to the bottom of it here. By default the related post thumbnails box displays a regular sized thumbnail and a small page title and then it has this title here.

You set that information up where you can add a title and then say related posts. Again, choose the post type and choose the relationship taxonomy. By related we mean the posts share the same categories or share the same tags. It’s either one of those two.

You can set the number of posts you want to show and then you can also do order and order by an offset. We’ll talk more about that when we work on customizing the skin but that’s what the related post box configuration is like. By definition it’s set for posts, it’s set to use common categories, for relatedness and it is set to show for posts.

Single Post Box

Then the other thing is a single post box. Really all you’re doing here is choosing a read more link text and actually this doesn’t even apply to a single post box because there is no remark more for the single post box. So you don’t have to worry about that setting.

That is same setting as the home post box. You can use a read more as the link but you could also change whatever the text is for that link. This fluid grid section here for the archive pages is kind of an advanced set of options that I’ll talk about in a separate setting.

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