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Setup the Agility Site Wide Settings

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The site wide settings in the Agility skin behave very similarly to everything else we have set up.

How To Turn On and Off Site Wide Settings

You can turn on and off the site wide settings up here. You can turn them on and off on the page, on single post, on the post page and on archive pages.

Single Posts Options Example

Let’s take a look at the single posts. We’ve got an email signup form at the bottom of the content. An email signup form in the sidebar and social profile icons on the sidebar. Those are the options that you can turn on and off for this.

Home Page Options Example

Let’s come over here and look at the homepage. The homepage has this email in the sidebar and it consists of two pieces. It consists of the email box helper which is where we get our styles from. It’s just like a call to action. It’s tall and wide, short and wide or vertically stacked.

You can also choose the style, again called action styles, plus you can edit the email submit button here. That’s the helper box options.

Email Signup Form

Then you also can setup the email signup form itself which is the Thesis AWeber box. Remember I told you when we were setting the site up for the first time to install the AWeber box if you’re going to use AWeber. Well, if you install it right away that gives you the ability to come over here and give it a title and some intro text.

You can add the assurances note and you can set the list name. If you are using ad tracking, you can put that information in here. If you are sending people to a thank you page, you can set that up.

It’s just like setting up the typical Thesis email signup form. The only difference is that I give you the chance to set some styles with the helper box. The box sets styles and it also lets you set the button text for that. That’s a sidebar one there.


The same thing is true with the content. The content one can be found at the bottom of posts, that’s this right here. This is a tall stacked style and if we go look at that…come down to our content email box helper. You can see it’s tall and wide and tall styles or it’s tall and wide but doesn’t have any styles as the default.

There’s a get updates button and then the form itself has the text in it, Use a Strong Benefit Driven Headline and Give a brief explanation of how they’ll benefit. This is all styled from inside of Skin Design which you’ll see later but those are the two places that happens automatically.

Then this is the sidebar social sharing. Again you can turn off that sidebar social sharing here. The email signup form is automatically turned off for the bottom of the content and is automatically turned on for the sidebar but you can choose to turn them on or off here on your own. That’s true for pages, single post templates and the archive pages.

You can style that sidebar social icons down here or set it up. You can choose Social Icon Style 1 or 2, again those styles don’t exist yet. They are styles that you can create inside of Skin Design.

No Style is the default style and then here we choose to add a heading. The heading by definition gets the widget title as a heading but you can give it a different heading class if you want. Then you give the heading text “connect with us” and that’s how those site-wide settings are set up.

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